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The McDonagh Sisters

Graham Shirley profiles the pioneering filmmakers, The McDonagh sisters – Isabel, Paulette and Phyllis.

Frank Hurley

Paul Byrnes takes a look at the amazing life of Frank Hurley: photographer, adventurer, filmmaker.

Robert Connolly

Paul Byrnes speaks with Robert Connolly – producer, director, innovator.

Jan Chapman

Jan Chapman’s body of work is among the most distinguished of any Australian producer. Profile by Richard Kuipers.

Jane Campion

Richard Kuipers profiles Jane Campion, whose bold and unconventional work has been acclaimed around the world.

David Gulpilil

Liz McNiven looks at David Gulpilil’s 40-year career and the profound impact he has had on Australian film.

David Elfick

Paul Byrnes speaks with David Elfick, the man who helped bring Newsfront and Rabbit-Proof Fence to the screen, about what makes a successful film producer.

Paul Cox

Lynden Barber profiles filmmaker Paul Cox, the father of independent art cinema in Australia.

Chris Haywood

Chris Haywood has had one of the longest careers in modern Australian film, playing a series of outsiders. He speaks to feature film curator, Paul Byrnes.

Heath Ledger

NFSA Historian Graham Shirley writes that Heath Ledger’s career and life were tragically cut short, but his international success and the calibre of his performances will endure the test of time.

Giorgio Mangiamele

NFSA Historian Graham Shirley on the life and work of Giorgio Mangiamele, a filmmaker ahead of his time.

Antony I Ginnane

Richard Kuipers profiles the most prolific and outspoken of Australian producers, Antony I Ginnane.

Cecil Holmes

NFSA Historian Graham Shirley celebrates the life and work of filmmaker, author, journalist, humanitarian and champion of social justice Cecil Holmes.

Patricia Lovell

NFSA Historian Graham Shirley looks back over the career of Patricia Lovell, recipient of the 2010 Ken G Hall Film Preservation Award.

Ken G Hall

Ken Hall made hit movies and never pretended to be an artist, yet his movies at Cinesound bear many signs of his strong creative personality. Feature film curator Paul Byrnes re-examines a brilliant career.

George Wallace

George Wallace wasn’t just an Australian comedian, he was the Australian comedian for much of his lifetime. Feature films curator Paul Byrnes pays tribute to the man who kept Australians laughing through the darkest days of the Great Depression.

Chips Rafferty

Chips Rafferty, born 26 March 1909, was one of the great icons of Australian cinema after the Second World War. This tribute by feature films curator Paul Byrnes celebrates the centenary of his birth.

Charles Chauvel

Charles Chauvel was the most overtly nationalist of Australia’s early directors, and the most independent. Feature films curator Paul Byrnes pays tribute on the 50th anniversary of his death.