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Terms and conditions of use

In registering, you accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions in order to contribute to the australianscreen website.

Registration and Login Names

australianscreen requires you to supply your real name when you register but you may select a pseudonym as your username. Your username will accompany any contributions you make to the website.

The NFSA may refuse registration to visitors whose suggested login names are considered inappropriate, including login names that:

  • infringe copyright or are an infringement of intellectual property including trade marks or brand names;
  • are or are similar to company or organisation names;
  • are names of high-profile or public figures;
  • are names promoting political, religious, social or economic issues; or
  • are offensive or defamatory.

The NFSA will also not accept any registration that the NFSA suspects is being made by or on behalf of a user who has been suspended for violation of these terms and conditions of use.

Editorial Conditions

Contributions to australianscreen online will be reviewed by an NFSA moderator to determine if they are suitable for publication.

The australianscreen website is for the promotion and appreciation of Australian screen culture. It exists through the generosity of filmmakers and program makers who have kindly given their permission to reproduce their work.

australianscreen expects and welcomes contributions that will further enhance people’s appreciation and understanding of the works on the website. All comments should be concise, focus specifically on the title and are submitted for possible publication on the condition that they may be edited. The NFSA expects all contributors to treat each other with respect and courtesy.

Your contribution may be edited, removed or not published if the NFSA considers it to be erroneous, in breach of any law, offensive, containing inappropriate personal information about any person, or seeking to endorse inappropriate products or activities.

Repeated breaches of these terms and conditions of use may cause the NFSA to complain to the Internet Service Provider of the person responsible, and in very serious cases, initiate legal action. The NFSA may also notify the police or any regulatory or investigative authority at any time and without notice about any material submitted to the website.


Material published on the internet is protected by the same laws of copyright which apply to books, DVDs and music etc.

If you wish to refer to material on someone else’s website you should acknowledge this in your message. You are welcome to quote content from elsewhere on australianscreen in your contributions, however we ask that you attribute the URL of the web page where you found the quote or picture or sound. The NFSA publishes links to other websites at its sole discretion. australianscreen will not publish external links in its forums.

When you submit content, in any format, you acknowledge that you have all necessary rights, including copyright, in the material that you are contributing to australianscreen online. You agree that the NFSA may use the material online and in whatever other ways the NFSA chooses, now and in the future.

Please note that the NFSA will not attribute your contribution other than by referring to your username and that it may alter, edit, modify, resize and reformat your material without your further consent.