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History of Australian film and television

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

On Our Selection

from the documentary The 1930s Golden Era of Australian Movies: A Tribute to Ken G Hall AO OBE (PG)

Filmmaker Ken G Hall tells how he was convinced by comedian Bert Bailey to make the feature film, On Our Selection (1932). He discusses the difficulties of production on a very limited budget, and recalls …

‘The occasional, odd chilled glass of amber fluid’

from the feature film The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (PG)

Aunt Edna (Barry Humphries) takes Bazza (Barry Crocker) to meet distant upper class relatives, the penniless and pompous Gorts. Sarah Gort (Jenny Tomasin) takes Bazza to a country ball, where he is constantly insulted by …

‘Where are you blokes from?’

from the feature film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (M)

After a drunken night at a pub in Broken Hill, the three drag artists – Mitzi (Hugo Weaving), Felicia (Guy Pearce) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) – awake to find their bus defaced with an anti-gay slogan. They …

‘I will survive’

from the feature film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (PG)

Priscilla, the bus, has broken down in the desert. An Aboriginal man (Alan Dargin) invites the three drag artists to his nearby camp, where they put on an impromptu show. Everyone joins in, including a …

Bertie the Jet

from the advertisement Aeroplane Pure Fruit Jellies Advertisement: Bertie the Jet (G)

The 'Popularity Cup’ air race is contested between planes from all around the world, including the crowd favourite from Australia – Bertie the Jet. Broadcaster Ken Howard calls the race from his elevated podium. As the …

A big boy for his age

from the feature film Alvin Purple (PG)

Sixteen-year-old Alvin Purple (Graeme Blundell) is chased through the streets by excited schoolgirls on bicycles. He finds refuge in the arms of Mrs Horwood (Jill Forster), wife of his teacher.

A completely animal nature

from the feature film Alvin Purple (PG)

In court, Dr Sort (Penne Hackforth-Jones) describes Alvin’s condition – satyromania – 'the male equivalent of nymphomania’. Alvin and girlfriend (Elli Maclure) argue with a disgusted taxi diver (Peter Cummins). Dr Sort’s lawyer (Jon Finlayson …

‘I’ll rip your bloody arms off’

from the television program The Aunty Jack Show – Series Two (PG)

Each week the closing credits were played over this sequence as Aunty Jack (Grahame Bond), with Thin Arthur (Rory O’Donoghue) in the side car, rode aggressively over the top and into her royal domain …

£70,000 production nears completion

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – 70,000 Pounds Production Nears Completion (G)

This newsreel clip from 1926 shows a scene from the film For the Term of His Natural Life in production at the Australasian Films’ Bondi studio, Sydney NSW. A cameraman on a moving platform, or …

Over the top

from the documentary Australia in World War 1 (PG)

Australian troops charge out of the trenches, going 'over the top’ to attack the enemy on the Western Front. Bombs explode nearby.

Sunday in Melbourne

from the television program Australian Visit (G)

Air Vice-Marshall Ky and his wife, on their visit to Melbourne, meet Vietnamese students at Victoria’s Government House, before attending a final press conference.

The mine in the jungle

from the television program Australian Walkabout (PG)

The Chauvels have gained entrance to one of the well-guarded secrets of 1950s Australia: Rum Jungle, a uranium mine said to be the richest in the world.


from the sponsored film Australia Post – Olympic Post Script (G)

This clip gives an overview of the setting up of telephone, telegraph and broadcast equipment prior to the commencement of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. The Duke of Edinburgh opens the Games on 22 November …

The media

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Olympic Post Script (G)

This clip illustrates the workings of the OTC, telegraph and press offices. This is followed by footage from various athletic events, and of the special post offices, purpose-built to serve the public at the 1956 …

The media

from the sponsored film Australia Post – Royal Tour (G)

This clip shows the process by which the PMG must meet the needs of the media during Queen Elizabeth II’s 1954 royal tour.

‘Silent terror of the deep’

from the newsreel Australia Today – Man-Eater (G)

On the sparkling beaches of Australia, where people relax and enjoy the summer, life guards patrol the beaches and remain alert to the dangers of sharks lurking in the shallow beach water.

‘They start life’s race with a handicap’

from the newsreel Australia Today – Men of Tomorrow (G)

This clip shows the conditions of those living in low income areas of inner city Sydney. The children living in this environment, according to the narration, ‘start life’s race with a handicap’ placing a …

Police Boys’ Club

from the newsreel Australia Today – Men of Tomorrow (G)

A young boy is taken to the Police Boys Club. Its aim, according to the narration, is to ‘keep boys off the streets’. It shows the boys working in the gym, boxing, and socialising in …

Environment versus progress

from the documentary The Battle for Byron (PG)

Christine starts to build her house constructed from recycled materials in idyllic Byron Bay. Her world is shattered when the local council approves a quarry next to her house that will mine for gravel for …

Beautiful Melbourne?

from the sponsored film Beautiful Melbourne (G)

This silent, black-and-white clip paints a harsh picture of life for a family living in a slum area of Melbourne, Victoria, in the 1940s. The dilapidated housing is shelter for a family with many children …

‘The gentleman’s war is over’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

In a lonely, windswept hill camp, far out in the veldt, Captain Hunt (Terence Donovan) instructs Captain Taylor (John Waters) to execute Boer prisoners brought in by Morant (Edward Woodward). When Morant queries the order …

‘This is what comes of Empire building’

from the feature film Breaker Morant (PG)

Morant (Edward Woodward) and Handcock (Bryan Brown) march to their executions. Their lawyer, Major Thomas (Jack Thompson) lingers in their makeshift cell – which looks to be a stable – to consider the epitaph that Morant has …

‘Let’s get the bastard pegged’

from the feature film Buddies (PG)

Sapphire miners Johnny (Harry Hopkins) and Mike (Colin Friels) peg a new claim, but newcomer Andy (Dennis Miller) disputes their right to the land. He uses his bulldozer to underline the point.

‘The city of tomorrow’

from the advertisement Bushells Tea Advertisement: The World of the Future (G)

This animated colour cinema advertisement for Bushells tea starts with a map of the world and a voice-over that invites the viewer to 'the world of the future’. International travel is shown using fast planes …

Six o’clock swill

from the feature film Caddie (M)

Caddie has taken a job in an inner-city hotel, because it pays more than waitressing, but she’s unprepared for the brutal struggle that is the nightly ‘six o’clock swill’. Men crowd the bar …

‘Life’s a bugger’

from the feature film Caddie (M)

Caddie (Helen Morse) calls off her relationship with bookmaker Ted (Jack Thompson), after she is warned off by Ted’s steady girlfriend. At the boarding house where she lives, the landlord and his wife (Pat …

Menzies home movies

from the documentary Canberra Files, The (PG)

This montage of clips from the Menzies Home Movie Collection features footage from Menzies’ wartime tour in 1941, including Tobruk, Palestine, Cairo, Jerusalem, Khartoum and England during the Blitz. It ends with close-ups of the …

Surviving an accident

from the documentary Carcrash (PG)

Car drivers describe what they gained and what they lost from their car accident.

City Traffic in Variable Moods

from the newsreel City Traffic in Variable Moods (G)

This is a whimsical item from a newsreel segment that shows the road and pedestrian traffic around the Flinders and Swanston St intersection in Melbourne, as well as a ride on a South Melbourne tram …

The end of Ted Parker

from the feature film The Club (PG)

Club president Ted Parker (Graham Kennedy) is under pressure to resign, following allegations that he beat up a stripper at a club function. In the committee room, ex-coach Jock Riley (Frank Wilson) and administrator Gerry …

Jack and Bryan

from the documentary Coming Up from Down Under (PG)

In this 1983 documentary, Australian actors Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown talk enthusiastically about the reviving Australian film industry.

Willie’s song

from the sponsored film Commonwealth Bank – Willie Wombat: Waste Not Want Not (G)

Willie lounges and plays while the other animals, showing foresight, collect and deposit food (or in the case of the dog, signposts) in the bank.

‘You can’t take my photograph’

from the feature film Crocodile Dundee (PG)

At a bush camp, Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) is at first spooked by the quiet arrival of an Aboriginal man in face paint. Mick (Paul Hogan) introduces Neville (David Gulpilil), a 'real city-boy’, and then …

‘Your body is your worst enemy’

from the feature film The Devil's Playground (PG)

Brother Francine (Arthur Dignam) berates Tom Allen (Simon Burke) for showering without his swimming trunks. In the common room, the boys relax before their daily mass.

Buses in the 1930s

from the home movie Double-decker Bus and Rail Motor (G)

A group of men stand in front of the body of a newly constructed single-decker bus. The bus is pulled along the street by a small tractor while two men walk beside it. The next …

Rail bus

from the home movie Double-decker Bus and Rail Motor (G)

Men are gathered around a rail bus that sits at the depot. An elevated camera captures a rail bus as it pulls out of the depot and travels along the rail tracks out towards the …

Efftee Studios’s opening speech

from the historical Efftee Studio Opening in Melbourne: Speech by Frank Forde (G)

Standing in front of his desk, Minister for Trade and Customs, Frank Forde, directly addresses the camera in a speech running over three minutes. The speech makes mention of: a new era in Australian industries …

A fire emergency

from the documentary Fire Guardians (G)

Members of the NSW Fire Brigade tackle a blaze at a paper mill until the fire is brought under control. The smoking wreckage and the building’s shell is all that remains. As orchestral music …

Footscray, 1911

from the historical Footscray 1911 (G)

This clip captures scenes of daily life in the main streets of Footscray, Melbourne, in 1910 and 1911.

A future governor-general

from the television program Four Corners – The First Program (PG)

The very first Four Corners opens with vox pops in a busy Sydney street, asking people whether a future governor-general should be British or Australian. The reporter is Bob Sanders.

First documentary

from the documentary Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History (PG)

Frank Hurley filmed and photographed one of the first expeditions to the Antarctic in 1913. Mike Gray of the Fox Talbot Museum and Joanna Wright of the Royal Geographical Society comment on the significance of …

Attraction of the wilderness

from the documentary Franklin River Journey (G)

Amateur botanist Antonius Moscal says that rafting down the wilderness of the Franklin River reminds him of the definition of God. Moscal says nature reflects God.

Frank Thring and his stars

from the advertisement FW Thring Introduces the Stars (G)

Dressed in a dinner suit, Frank Thring – film director and head of Efftee Film Studios – addresses the audience in a speech to camera which introduces the studio’s first all-Australian talking picture program. Thring outlines …

Annual Greek picnic

from the home movie Gerakiteys: Greek Community Picnics (G)

This clip shows members of the Canberra Greek community on their annual picnic at Good Hope just outside of Canberra on 26 December 1949. Friends and relatives sitting in the shade lift their glasses and …

Port Arthur

from the documentary Ghosts of Port Arthur (G)

The convict history of the Tasmanian settlement of Port Arthur is explained in this clip, with a voice-over accompanying scenes of the site. Convict history is re-enacted to evoke the past. A couple and a …

A country cricket match

from the feature film Grandad Rudd (G)

Grandad Rudd (Bert Bailey) challenges his neighbour Mr Regan (Les Warton) to a family cricket match, in order to avoid having to pay Regan for some pigs. The Irish Regan accepts, stipulating his own rules …


from the documentary Gulpilil: One Red Blood (PG)

After a screening of [[Walkabout]] (1971) in a cinema, David is speaking to fans at the cinema. Interviews with Justine Saunders, Gary Foley, Professor Marcia Langton and David Stratton give background information to both Indigenous …

The Liberal with a Labor face

from the television program The Gunston Tapes (G)

John Gorton had been dropped as prime minister by his own casting vote in 1971. Norman Gunston’s opening question for this interview is whether Gorton was considered by his own party to have been …

Tommy with an ‘s’

from the feature film Harmony Row (G)

The Victoria Police recruiting sergeant (Marshall Crosby) tries to get Tommy Wallace (George Wallace) to give his name, place of birth, age and mother’s name. Each question is misunderstood by the simple Tommy, who …

‘What makes Australians tough’

from the feature film The Hayseeds (G)

Mary Townleigh (Shirley Dale) has been found after being briefly lost in the bush. The Hayseeds open their home, and Dad Hayseed (Cecil Kellaway) suggests they stay until she is better. Mr Townleigh (Kenneth Brampton …

Mount Wellington, 1909

from the home movie Higgins, Bryce: Family and Holiday Scenes: 1909-1924 (G)

This clip shows the Higgins family at Mount Wellington, Hobart, in 1909. It includes scenes of the group enjoying a picnic spread on a hillside, four men making a pot of billy tea, and some …

The touring talkies

from the advertisement Hoyts and Studebaker Cinema Advertisement: Touring Talkie Show (G)

A fleet of Studebaker sedans along with executives from Shell, Studebaker and Hoyts meet the ‘Talkie Truck’ as it pulls in to Melbourne. The executives shake hands with the sound technicians and engineers. The truck …

Hoyts talking pictures roadshow

from the advertisement Hoyts Cinemas: Talkies for Country Areas (G)

An intertitle invites viewers to 'see for a brief moment’ the sound equipment for talking pictures. Then a Hoyts Talking Pictures Roadshow sound unit truck is seen coming down the street. Two uniformed men open …

‘The young and the bloody useless’

from the feature film Idiot Box (M)

Lani (Robyn Loau), the bottle shop girl, stops Mick (Jeremy Sims) as he leaves the pub. They discuss poetry, which is Mick’s hobby. Lani’s brother wants to know who she’s talking to …

Mr Christian’s mutiny

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (PG)

Fletcher Christian (Errol Flynn) sends Edward Young (John Warwick) to break out the arms, as his men seize the captain, Lieutenant Bligh (Mayne Lynton) from his bed. In a flash forward, an old fiddler (Victor …

Pitcairn boat-builders

from the feature film In the Wake of the Bounty (G)

The movie shifts abruptly from dramatised recreation of the mutiny to a travelogue about the Pitcairn Islands, where Charles and Elsa Chauvel explore the legacy of the mutineers. The boat-building skills, Chauvel’s narration tells …

Tasmania’s natural landscape

from the sponsored film Isle of Many Waters (G)

A view from onboard the rack railroad follows the path of the King River Gorge through canyons, waters and forested slopes. Travelling through Tasmania’s west coast by launch down the Gordon River, cinematographer Frank …

Jedda dreaming again

from the feature film Jedda (PG)

Jedda (Ngarla Kunoth), sitting by an open window, gazes out dreamily. Her adoptive mother (Betty Suttor), eventually comes to stand by her side. Jedda tells her of her desire to go walkabout, to be with …

The storming of parliament

from the documentary Kemira: Diary of a Strike (G)

Striking miners travel from Wollongong to Parliament House, Canberra, to protest the retrenchments. The protestors storm the entrance to Parliament House and break the doors in – a first in Australian history.

‘Boot Boys Wanted’

from the advertisement Kiwi Shoe Polish: Shine Sir (PG)

This clip from a silent Kiwi Shoe Polish cinema advertisement shows boot staff from the Imperial Hotel resigning from their work to join the war. Having all his staff resign, the hotel manager makes a …

Introduction to Kiwi Boot Polish

from the advertisement Kiwi Shoe Polish: Shine Sir (PG)

The hotel manager of the Imperial Hotel, London, pins a sign on the front window that says 'Boot Boys Wanted’. Two young boys see the sign and lament that they 'can’t polish boots for …

‘You boys and Kiwi are the goods!’

from the advertisement Kiwi Shoe Polish: Shine Sir (PG)

Two young boys are hired to polish boots at the Imperial Hotel, London, after their trial goes surprisingly well. The hotel manager exclaims 'You boys and Kiwi are the goods’! The advertisement ends with a …

‘It’s just outside our door’

from the newsreel Kokoda Front Line! (PG)

This clip includes footage filmed by Damien Parer of Papuan stretcher bearers carrying wounded Australian troops from the 39th Battalion along the Kokoda trail through dense jungle terrain and across a river. The voice-over commentary …

The Kokoda Trail

from the home movie Kokoda Trail, Cadets from Scots College (G)

This clip shows students from Scots College on the final leg of their seven day trek through the Owen Stanley Ranges towards Kokoda in Papua New Guinea. They navigate their way across a makeshift log …

Creating a new life

from the television program The Land That Waited (G)

A montage of images, including stills and illustrations, shows the first fleet of convicts and their military guards after landing at Sydney Cove in 1788. Under the leadership of Governor Phillip, they begin building a …

Opening up the west

from the television program The Land That Waited (G)

Graphics, paintings and voice-over tell the story of why it took 30 years for the settlers of New South Wales to cross the Blue Mountains and gain access to the fabulous pasture lands beyond. It …

‘What did you say?’

from the feature film Lantana (PG)

Upset by a patient, psychiatrist Dr Valerie Somers (Barbara Hershey) attacks a stranger in the street, imagining she heard a remark. The stranger, Pete O’May (Glenn Robbins) seeks refuge in a pub, where he …

‘What holds your marriage together?’

from the feature film Lantana (PG)

Valerie has disappeared. Detective Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) suspects her husband John (Geoffrey Rush) of having an affair with one of her male patients, Patrick Phelan. John and Zat discuss marriage in a moment of truth.


from the advertisement Lifesavers: Cryst-O-Mint Flavour (G)

This clip from a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Life Savers sweets shows a young woman dive into the surf, only to be rescued by a surf lifesaver. He lies her down and gives her …

Factory visit

from the advertisement Lifesavers: Cryst-O-Mint Flavour (G)

The villain tries to steal the formula for Life Savers sweets by convincing Betty to take him to her father’s Life Savers factory where she gives him a guided tour. In the meantime, Cudgy …

Businesses and street life, Hawthorn

from the historical Living Hawthorn (G)

In a series of panning shots, the camera films the businesses, workers and daily life in Burwood Road, West Hawthorn. Businesses shown include a farrier, an estate agent, a chemist, a glassware shop and a …

The Toecutter exacts revenge

from the feature film Mad Max (PG)

Family friend May Swaisey (Sheila Florance) helps Max’s wife Jessie (Joanne Samuel) and child (Brendan Heath) to escape the Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and his gang, but they soon catch up. The scene uses iconic …

‘A stripling, on a small and weedy beast’

from the feature film The Man from Snowy River (PG)

Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson) has joined the crack horsemen in pursuit of the wild brumbies, but the men baulk at following the mob down a precipitous decline. As Harrison (Kirk Douglas) declares the mob has …

Melbourne Cup race

from the historical Melbourne Cup 1896 (PG)

This clip shows the end of the 1896 Melbourne Cup horse race through the onlooking crowd. Newhaven wins.

Another death in the family

from the television program Mother and Son – The Funeral (PG)

The family have returned to Maggie’s house for the wake after her brother’s funeral. Uncle Tom (Peter Gwynne) has a heart attack and dies on their sofa in the lounge room just as …


from the newsreel Movietone Special: Peace: Australia Celebrates (G)

This clip shows joyous celebrations erupting in Sydney streets at the declaration of peace after the Japanese surrender. Footage includes enormous crowds crammed shoulder to shoulder in the city. A tracking shot from a moving …

‘You’re all useless’

from the feature film Muriel's Wedding (G)

Bill Heslop (Bill Hunter) entertains a Japanese resort developer (Ken Senga) and his interpreter (Kuni Hashimoto) at a Chinese restaurant. The meal is free, because Bill Heslop has done the owner (Jon-Claire Lee) a favour …

‘There’s more to life than this’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Sybylla Melvyn (Judy Davis) tells younger sister Gertie (Marion Shad) of her desire to escape a life of rural drudgery. Her frustrations increase when she’s sent to drag her father out of the pub.

‘You have a wildness of spirit’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

While staying with her well-to-do grandmother, Sybylla (Judy Davis) has a crisis about her looks. Her Aunt Helen (Wendy Hughes) tells her to stop looking in mirrors and tries to make her more feminine. Suitor …

‘I want to be a writer’

from the feature film My Brilliant Career (G)

Harry Beecham (Sam Neill) has waited two years for Sybylla (Judy Davis) to agree to marry. As drought grips the land again, he comes for an answer, but Sybylla explains why she cannot.

‘The Sentimental Bloke’ film

from the documentary National Treasures – 'The Sentimental Bloke' Film (PG)

Warren Brown takes us into the vaults of the NFSA to find out why the 1919 silent movie The Sentimental Bloke is regarded as one of the greatest Australian films.

Sydney – ‘the Empire’s second-greatest white city’

from the documentary A Nation is Built (G)

A beautifully photographed montage of Sydney’s architecture, streets, people and modes of transport that is rapidly edited to orchestrated music.

The wool industry

from the documentary A Nation is Built (G)

A close-up of a ‘modern stud’ sheep is shown to be the product of a ‘century’s breeding’. Sheep are hand-shorn by manual clippers; a flock of sheep at shearing season is shown; sheering sheds …

Reaping the harvests of history

from the documentary A Nation is Built (PG)

Scenes of wheat harvesting are accompanied by commentary full of metaphors of nation-building based on ‘harvesting the benefits of a great past’. As the commentary builds to a patriotic climax, the music from _Pomp and …

Propaganda or news?

from the feature film Newsfront (PG)

Film editor Geoff (Bryan Brown) makes a political joke, and a statement, by tampering with a newsreel to make fun of the newly-elected Prime Minister, Mr Menzies. His conservative boss, AG Marwood (Don Crosby), is …

Redex Trials

from the feature film Newsfront (PG)

Cameraman Len Maguire (Bill Hunter) and assistant Chris (Chris Haywood) rush ahead of the entrants in the round Australia Redex Trials to capture footage. They set up at a dangerous corner to wait for the …

Setting up camp

from the documentary The Official Film of the Mawson Antarctic Expedition (PG)

This piece of documentary footage, taken on Mawson’s Antarctic expedition between 1911 and 1913, shows Lieutenant Belgrave Ninnis and Dr Xavier Mertz setting up their tent. Another shot shows them lying in their reindeer …

Fighting a fire

from the feature film On Our Selection (G)

The whole family joins a desperate battle to save the fencing around the crops, to no avail. Youngest son Joe (Arthur Wilson) thinks the fire is a splendid sight. Dad (Percy Walshe) sees it as …

Dave in love

from the feature film On Our Selection (G)

Dave (Tal Ordell) dances with glee after he receives a letter from his new sweetheart Lily White (Carmen Coleman). Joe, the youngest Rudd (Arthur Wilson) thinks he’s gone mad. The Rudd women crowd around …

Not for Sunday drivers

from the documentary Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial (PG)

Between Townsville and Mount Isa the roads become more rugged and difficult to negotiate as the cars’ suspension and shock absorbers are pushed to their limits. The action is shot from a number of positions …

‘A great day for the Murrays’

from the documentary Overland Adventure: The Story of the 1954 Redex Reliability Trial (PG)

‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray and his navigator and co-driver Bill Murray cross the finish line first at the Sydney Showground to loud cheers. At the State Theatre in Sydney, the Redex managing director and president of …

‘We shall only be gone a little while’

from the feature film Picnic at Hanging Rock (PG)

After their picnic lunch, school friends Miranda (Anne Lambert), Marion (Jane Vallis) and Irma (Karen Robson) ask permission from their French mistress Mademoiselle de Portiers (Helen Morse) to go for a walk around the base …

‘Damned yankee’

from the feature film The Picture Show Man (G)

Mr Pym (John Meillon) sees an unexpected and unwanted visitor as he struggles with a bogged wagon – his former protégé Pete Palmer (Rod Taylor), now his chief rival. Disgruntled piano player Lou (Garry McDonald) decides …

Men of many talents

from the feature film The Picture Show Man (PG)

Pym (John Meillon) entertains a small-town audience with his hilarious version of a song-and-dance man. Larry (Harold Hopkins) lights a lime pellet that will produce 'limelight’ for projection. Freddie (John Ewart) accompanies the images with …

Prices and wages

from the documentary Prices and the People (G)

A woman in the butchers can only afford to buy cheap meat; a young boy doesn’t have enough money for a chocolate; a woman is outraged by the cost of vegetables from the grocer …

Who gets the profits?

from the documentary Prices and the People (G)

An elderly pensioner is another victim of inflated prices. While his ‘hands helped to build this country’, he lives in a run-down house and has to save his cigarette butts because tobacco is too expensive …

Costs and profits – how price grows

from the documentary Prices and the People (G)

With the aid of cartoons, an argument is made which illustrates the chain of supply for manufacture and the associated costs. Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer each take their own profits before passing on the inflated …

‘Will you go out with me?’

from the feature film Puberty Blues (PG)

Debbie (Nell Schofield) and Sue (Jad Capelja) have been accepted by the surfie chicks. They are invited to ‘the paddock’ after school, where Tracey (Sandy Paul) introduces Debbie to a boy she says likes her …

Fighting fit

from the feature film Rangle River (PG)

Marion (Margaret Dare) fumes with indignation about being told she’s useless by Dick Drake, her father’s overseer (Victor Jory). Her Aunt Abbie (Rita Pauncefort), aware of the smouldering attraction between the two, suggests …

Revolution by referendum

from the advertisement Revolution by Referendum: Political advertisement by Mr Costello (G)

In a series of takes and retakes, an unidentified man stands in front of a curtain and addresses the camera. He outlines his association’s vision for the wealth of the nation through the ‘abolition …

Sticking together

from the television program Robbery Under Arms (PG)

Warrigal (Tommy Lewis) is confronted with the reality of losing his 'brother’ Captain Starlight (Sam Neill) as the gang makes plans to escape to America. Meanwhile, the troopers are perfecting a killing machine to ambush …

White power

from the feature film Romper Stomper (M)

Hando (Russell Crowe) drinks milk after a wild all-night party. His friend (Stephen Hall) has to return to his naval base. Hando gives him a Nazi salute as he goes. Hando explains his belief in …

Magnetic Island

from the documentary Round About Townsville (G)

An intertitle describing Magnetic Island – only six miles from Townsville – introduces sepia-tinted images of passengers on board the daily service from Townsville. Another title card explaining Magnetic Island’s beaches and picturesque thatched roofed bungalows …

Rehabilitation and re-education

from the documentary Searchlight on Japan (PG)

This clip begins with a montage of people on the streets of postwar Japan. The narrator explains that the American Allied occupation forces are transforming Japan from a ‘military dictatorship’ into a democracy. The next …

‘Seven of them, and I’m only 20!’

from the television program Seven Little Australians (G)

The children are all trying to make it up to their father (Leonard Teale) after the dinner disaster, but unfortunately Bunty (Mark Shields-Brown) and Baby (Tania Falla) just make it worse. It’s all too …

On the road

from the television program The Shiralee (PG)

Buster (Rebecca Smart) the city kid has been kitted out for her new life in the bush and her father (Bryan Brown) is setting a cracking pace as they walk to his next farm job …

‘Take time by the forelock’

from the documentary Skyway Express (PG)

This clip shows the first two minutes of the travelogue Skyway Express. It was produced in the late 1940s for exhibition in the cinema. It shows the start of a passenger plane journey to London …

A ride in the old bus

from the feature film Splendid Fellows (G)

Mr McBride (Frank Bradley) takes Monty (Frank Leighton) to Mascot to meet the ‘flying parson’ (Eric Colman). Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, playing himself, offers to take them for a joyride over Sydney.

Shearing and plotting

from the feature film The Squatter's Daughter (G)

As the shearing reaches full speed at Waratah Station, the overseer Fletcher (Les Warton) tells Clive Sherrington (John Warwick) to deliver a package from the car when he goes to see Morgan. He jokes that …

‘You run like a blackfella!’

from the feature film Storm Boy (G)

While his father takes a catch of fish to sell in town, Mike (Greg Rowe) discovers some illegal hunters shooting birds. An Aboriginal stranger, Fingerbone Bill (David Gulpilil), drives them away with a warning shot …

‘Wild things should be free’

from the feature film Storm Boy (G)

Mike (Greg Rowe) is overjoyed when Mr Percival, his pet pelican, returns after being set free.

‘Does this country belong to him?’

from the feature film Storm Boy (G)

Mike (Greg Rowe) and his father (Peter Cummins) go to warn Fingerbone Bill (David Gulpilil) that trouble is brewing. Bill is not supposed to be living on a state reserve, and the ranger wants to …

Fitzpatrick incident at Mrs Kelly’s homestead

from the feature film The Story of the Kelly Gang (PG)

This fragment from The Story of the Kelly Gang shows Constable Fitzpatrick visiting the homestead of Kate Kelly. Fitzpatrick attempts to kiss Kate Kelly and in the scuffle Ned Kelly shoots Fitzpatrick in the wrist …

Siege at Glenrowan hotel

from the feature film The Story of the Kelly Gang (PG)

This clip shows the troopers outside the Glenrowan hotel. Joe Byrne is shot. Steve and Dan shoot each other rather than be caught. The police set fire to the hotel and Father Gibney runs into …

Ned Kelly’s last stand and capture

from the feature film The Story of the Kelly Gang (PG)

This clip shows a re-enactment of the bushranger Ned Kelly being shot and captured by police. It has severe nitrate damage.

(Elizabeth Taggart-Speers)

‘Don’t cut ’em to pieces’

from the feature film Sunday Too Far Away (PG)

Foley (Jack Thompson) discovers he has competition from an unknown, Arthur Black (Peter Cummins). Shearing contractor Tim King (Max Cullen) gives Jim the learner (Graham Smith) a second chance.

The welcoming committee

from the feature film Sunday Too Far Away (PG)

After months of work, broke and hung over, the union shearers make their feelings plain as strikebreakers arrive to work for reduced wages.

Central Square

from the historical Sydney Tramways (G)

From an elevated position above Central Square (now Railway Square) in Sydney, the camera films the bustle of the streets at rush hour where people transfer from trams to trains and suburban trams to take …

Two brothers face payback

from the feature film Ten Canoes (PG)

As the men prepare for a big lunch of magpie-geese, cooked in the canoes on the swamp, the narrator (David Gulpilil) returns to the climax of the old story. Ridjimiraril (Crusoe Kurddal) and his brother …

‘Why don’t you go back to your own bloody country’

from the feature film They're a Weird Mob (G)

A drunken Anglo-Australian (Keith Petersen) abuses an Italian migrant family on a Sydney ferry. Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) watches in discomfort.

‘A dago just the same’

from the feature film They're a Weird Mob (G)

Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari) comes to meet Harry Kelly (Chips Rafferty), father of Kay (Clare Dunne), the woman he wants to marry. Harry is a successful building contractor, who thinks his daughter can do better.

Stormalong’s last race

from the feature film Thoroughbred (PG)

After failing several times to kill the horse, Hops Warton (Lynton Moore), an Australian criminal working for an international syndicate, promises to shoot the horse during the Melbourne Cup. Tommy (Frank Leighton) rushes to thwart …

Footscray Railway Station

from the documentary A Thriving and Prosperous Suburb: Bird's Eye View of Footscray (G)

This clip features a crowd of people near the footbridge at Footscray’s railway station.

School bullies

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

Danny (Noah Taylor) gets a dunking from classmates for writing secret love poetry; Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn) rescues him and wins favour from his love interest, Freya (Loene Carmen).

Hypnosis on the hill

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

In their secret place on the hill, Danny (Noah Taylor) offers to hypnotise Freya (Loene Carmen) to help her stop smoking – but he has something else on his mind as well.

The lonely pleasures of a country dance

from the feature film The Year My Voice Broke (PG)

He’s alone, she’s alone, everyone’s alone at the mid-year dance, a cheerless gathering for all concerned. Danny (Noah Taylor) makes a statement with his outfit, a little bit Marlon Brando, a little …

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