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Good Guys Bad Guys – Car Wars (1998)

  1. I have just spent a pleasureable Christmas and New Year period watching all 27 episodes of this fantastic bit of Australian Television.

    I loved it when it was being shown when new and it has not lost any of its charm though now 15 years old.

    As a serial car nut, I can't say I ever had an affinity for Valiants, but Elvis definately made them cool. Perhaps I should have bought one when the show was aired initially as back then Chargers were worth very little.

    I have tipped my hat at the show by purchasing a very rough Valiant Ute to maybe do up one day.

    I only wish the show had gone on a bit longer, it definately had more legs that it was allowed at the time.

  2. #1 from LPC808 – 13 years ago.
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