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My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? – End of the Line (1967)


Reviewed by:moya 6 years, 11 months ago.

This title is about:
Working class life in the 1960,s

What I like most about this title:
Balmain setting. Superb cast. A true insight into how we were "then". Priceless.

What I like least is:
Have been trying to track this down for years. Any possibility of it being screened as a retrospective of Oz comedy/drama?

I saw this title:
only on this site

When this title was made I was:
9 years old.

The best place to watch this title would be:
ABC TV retrospective or " history of" special or as part of a travelling film festival with other greats.

This title would be a perfect double bill with:
It stands alone - just for the casting, writing, and social history. Suggestion "The picture show man" Do you have the whole series?

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