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Masterpiece Special – Robert Hughes (1997)

  1. To Robert Hughes,
    Masterpiece special may have been made a while ago..... i am not sure how to send this message for the art critic.....about finding the beauty (and truth?)in art in this fast moving insensitive world.....I wonder, somehow feel certain that Robert Hughes may see in the TRANSCENDENTAL ART of Adi Da Samraj the certain light so keenly observed as being not exactly present (though most certainly pointed to) in art throughout history period. If Robert Hughes does receive this message and can perhaps respond to the presence of LOVE IS THE LAW of evolution via TRANSCENDENTAL ART... I believe the insightful Robert Hughes can untangle the threads of our collective artistic expression and unveil a very positive turn, a very clear light. Along with the other clear lights understood through Art.
    Sincerely, A global citizen

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