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I Can Jump Puddles (1981)


This is the inspirational boyhood story of the author Alan Marshall, a victim of polio. Born in rural Victoria in the early 1900s, young Alan Marshall contracted the dreadful disease poliomyelitis (polio) which left him crippled. I Can Jump Puddles is the story of Alan’s struggle to overcome his disability and to live a normal life which he documented in his celebrated novel of the same name. Actor Adam Garnett won a much deserved Logie Award (Best Performance by a Juvenile) in 1981 for his portrayal of Alan Marshall.

Curator’s notes

This 1981 miniseries is an adaptation of three autobiographical books by Alan Marshall, I Can Jump Puddles, This Is the Grass and How Beautiful Are Thy Feet!. A story of struggle and courage, it has become a classic Australian tale and the book was truly loved and admired by generations of Australians. The television series is beautifully produced with high, cinematic-quality production values, a feature of Australian historical television miniseries shot at the time. Well cast, and with good scripts, this adaptation captures the essence of Alan Marshall’s story of endurance and perseverance, retelling this entertaining and rewarding story of the strength of the human spirit.