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The 7.30 Report – Boys Education (2005)


A current affairs program beginning and ending with death. The program covers the death of Pope John Paul II as well as the return of the bodies of the nine dead Australian servicemen killed when their helicopter crashed whilst on a humanitarian mission in Indonesia. There’s also a story about boys’ education that highlights a new scheme in Newcastle NSW. The program concludes by recalling another military disaster, the Nomad tragedy and its repercussions.

Curator’s notes

The program is a strong one, with a moving tribute to the nine servicemen and women who died while assisting with the tsunami relief effort in Indonesia. The boys’ education story is a good news item, much needed to lighten an otherwise bleak show. With four or five items each evening, the editorial team has to decide what order the stories will run, which story will open the show – usually a breaking political story. They also have to decide whether the stories will be filmed prior to the air date, thus giving a longer lead time, or be studio based. Studio based interviews are most often conducted by the program’s compere, Kerry O’Brien.

Broadcast on 5 April 2005.