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Terrain Study of Phuoc Tuy Province South Vietnam (1967)


This Army training film looks at the terrain of what was known as South Vietnam, principally in the province of Phuoc Tuy.

Curator’s notes

Phuoc Tuy no longer exists as a province of Vietnam. After the end of the Vietnam War and reunification, the provincial structure of the south was completely reorganised. At the time of the war, Phuoc Tuy was one of 44 provinces and four separate municipalities comprising what was then known as South Vietnam. Located on the coast, east of Ho Chi Minh City (then called Saigon), Phuoc Tuy Province was the operational area of the Australian Task Force. First Australian Task Force (1ATF), a brigade sized force, established its Phuoc Tuy operations base in 1966 at Nui Dat, a piece of high ground surrounded by rubber plantation. This film, a restricted access title at the time, examines the areas surrounding Nui Dat from a military, and in particular a wartime, perspective. It contains footage of locations whose names are recognisable from the stories of Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese Australian migrants. Indeed many, like Long Tan, Vung Tau, Ba Ria, Binh Ba, Long Hai and Dat Do, have become pilgrimage tour destinations for veterans of the Vietnam War.