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Snowy Hydro – Gardens of the Snowy Mountains (1967)


Produced around 1967 by the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority (SMHEA) photographic unit (Harry Malcolm et al.), the film promotes the establishment and maintenance of gardens, for the beautification of the newly established townships in the Snowy Mountains.

Curator’s notes

By 1967, the Snowy Mountains Scheme was very much 'on show’. Cooma had experienced a rapid expansion and new townships like Khancoban, Cabramurra and Talbingo had been established. The snowfields were becoming popular with skiers. Tourists were arriving in large numbers, both to view the scheme and to visit the new-look Snowy Mountains. The film is a promotion of the scheme’s programme of revegetation of town construction sites and beautification of new residential areas – partly to encourage visitors to the area to take a wider look around, but also to counter any criticism of the vastly expanded settlement of the region.