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Due to copyright restrictions, this video cannot be accessed from outside Australia.

Clip description

You can watch The Instructional Guide to Dating here in its entirety. An air hostess (Lara Cox, voice-over by Avigail Herman) gives an in-flight safety demonstration of ten instructional ‘steps’ to dating. Each dating ‘destination’ is displayed on an animated departure board, followed by a series of instruction cards and accompanied by lounge music.

Curator’s notes

The inventive combination of live action, pixellation, cut-out animation and diagrams lends great amusement and clarity to The Instructional Guide to Dating. For example, when gentlemen are cautioned against having their gaze loiter around the breast area, a dotted line animates from the eye of a pixellated man directly to a diagram of a woman and her brassiere.

The entire action is framed by a television screen of the 1950s, in keeping with the style of the film. The lovely irony of this student film is that it deals with the content from a contemporary perspective. By presenting dating instruction via an air hostess issuing in-flight safety instructions before take-off, the humour is sharp and effective: dating can be dangerous and you need to follow some guidelines to navigate it successfully.