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Delegates to the Australian Labor Party’s Easter Conference at the Trades Hall Melbourne (1928)

  1. I was looking at your 1928 ALP Federal Conference Part 2.

    The first person to appear in the film is identified as "D.L McNamara MLC who was Minister of Mines and Forests in the Prendergast Government". In fact, the person who actually appears immediately after this introduction is J.H. Scullin who was at that time deputy leader of the Federal Labor Party and later Prime Minister.

    A later title in the clip introduces J.H. Scullin Esq deputy leader of the Federal Labor Party. The delegate appearing after that is not Scullin.

    The only introductory  title that I would unreservedly say is correct is the one for senator J.H. Barnes. You can match him with his picture on the Australian Dictionary of Biography database at

    The introductory title for JF Hannan is probably half right. The person speaking after the intro has too much hair and is too young to be JF Hannan. (See the picture of JF Hannan at However, the short, bald, moustachioed gentleman behind the speaker who wipes his forehead with a handkerchief and then puts his hat on is possibly Hannan.

    I haven't critically looked at the part 1 clip so I don't know how accurate that is. Somebody screwed up with the editing back in 1928. I guess it can't really be edited now as its an artifact.

    Posted on behalf of Bernard Doyle.

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