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Georgia Lee Sings the Blues Down Under (1962)


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The Players

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Four years down the track Georgia was finally in the studio making her only known album, ‘Georgia Lee Sings the Blues Down Under’. The album, the first Australian long-player recorded in stereo, was arranged by Brian Martin and featured a horn section with trumpeter Raph Melevende, and Jack Glenn on trombone, reedman Alec Hutchison on clarinet and tenor sax, bassist John Frederick, Horrie Weems on guitar, drummer Alan Turnbull and Ron Rosenberg tickling the ivories. It has been reported that Lee was the first Indigenous Australian artist to record blues songs on the 1962 album, and she may also have been only the second Australian woman to release a solo album.

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Not much at all

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only on this site

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In a bassinet, back stage

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Any other indigenous blues music :-)

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