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The Set (1969)

  1. I saw the film during its initial release in 1970 and was amazed that people were actually lining up for blocks in Sydney to procure a ticket. I have since been informed that in Adelaide where it was shown in drive ins, it actually caused traffic jams. It was not the best of films but it has since earned its place in the hearts of the younger gay community and they watch it with admiration and awe when they realise what gays of that era had to put up with. Recently I procured the book which has now been published and I was thrilled with the content. What a pity the film could not depict the classic situations created by Roger Ward in this volume. Get it if you can, Dymocks in Sydney have it but it is also available through Amazon Roger Ward + The Set. A bloody good read.

  2. #1 from 1936jackm – 10 years, 4 months ago.
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