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Pure S (1975)

  1. I'm reading the 'Monkey Grip' novel by Helen Garner, and her (semi-autobiographical) narrator 'got work on a movie about junkies'. Garner of course is in Pure S (see clip one) and got an AFI Supporting Actress nomination in 1976! There are a few scenes in the novel set in and around 'the junkie movie', which I can only assume were inspired by Garner's work on Deling's film. An eye-opening read.

  2. #1 from Stephen – 14 years, 9 months ago.
  3. Stephen - probably not as MG was written a couple of years after PS was made (PS was never really 'written', more transposed) and HeLen G was at that stage, I think, not so much involved in the madness portrayed in PS - even though she may have b acquainted w the 999 Drummond St crowd who at that time were all pretty pacid pseudo-revolutionaries, including the fellow who later bcame the lead male role (Javo?).No offence meant to anybody.
    The actual scenes in PS were mostly real life transcriptions from 3 collaborators (myself,one other and and old friend nick named 'Doormouse') the 'one other' and I walked when Bert and Gary W showed up, as we were dreadful drug snobs and thought they were johnies come lately. I think Doors' remained while "the other" chap went back and now gets a credit - I know some of this bcause I was very involved w the Bouyancy Foundation who initially auspiced the project and early last year when doing a bit of 'research' on the Leonard Cohen Sydney opera-house "homage" w Nick Cave et al, I looked PS up the same site and..what a surprise! Every man and his puppy gets a credible mention, but that's the melb junkie world for u. My back still leaks and I murmur 'et tu' in my sleep, but what the (...the word I can't use beginning with F...), eh? It is the same censoship of 1972 - still at work, can u blieve it!

  4. #2 from cathectus13 – 13 years, 2 months ago.
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