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Clip description

While searching the damaged house at Raven’s Gate, police sergeant Taylor (Max Gillies) is surprised by Dr Hemmings (Terry Camilleri), an astrophysicist attached to Special Branch. Hemmings tells Taylor that whatever they find at Raven’s Gate is strictly confidential.

Curator’s notes

An unsettling atmosphere hovers over this prologue. Set five days after the main events at Raven’s Gate, it generates intrigue with moody lighting and eerie sound. As Taylor searches the house the scratchy audio in particular creates a sense of something other-worldly at play. The dramatic meeting of Hemmings and Taylor shows the ordinary cop has stumbled into a highly sensitive situation requiring experts such as Hemmings. The gulf between the two men is also played for laughs. Hemmings throws his weight around while Taylor complains about his broken police car radio that was paid for by community raffle tickets.