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The Birth of White Australia (1928)


Reviewed by:Josie1957 4 years, 12 months ago.      

This title is about:
For me, the history of racism in Burrangong, Young NSW and the effects on my family and all Aboriginal people in that region at that time and before, now, after

What I like most about this title:
Rich cultural imagery

What I like least is:
Everything else

I saw this title:
on DVD

When this title was made I was:
Not born

The best place to watch this title would be:
I watched it at Nat Archives in Pyrmont. I was interested to find any references to my great great grandmother Kitty Woods (Kennedy) who provide location and other information to Phil Walsh. See 'The News of the World' for more info.

This title would be a perfect double bill with:
Cultural awareness training, regional histories, school education

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