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The Birth of White Australia (1928)

  1. during my research on another Aboriginal matter in connection with "Wooroowoolgen" station, Richmond River, pre 1900,I came across the following story from the local paper:
    Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 29 August 1927
    Representatives of an Australian picture company are at present in the Kyogle district filming scenery and pictures, which will form part of the "Birth of White Australia Film." The railway construction workers' camps along the line and the operations and scenery around the tunnel at Richmond Gap are being filmed. The aborigines' camp at South Kyogle and a number of aborigines themselves are being included as a feature of the picture. Mr. Phillip Walsh, who is in charge of the operations, is gratified with the results obtained to date, and considers that the pictures obtained will fit in well with the other parts of the picture that are being arranged.

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