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Win Some Lose Some (1996)


The documentary traces the fall and rise of three entrepreneurs. The economic recession of 1990–1991 sent three men – Tony Toumbourou, garment manufacturer, Joe Galani, furniture retailer and Bill Lew, restauranteur – and their families into financial ruin. Through observational footage, interviews, re-enactments and voice-over from the three entrepreneurs and their families, we learn of the financial and emotional impact of the recession and the indomitable spirit of the men and their families as they rise again.

Curator’s notes

Shot five years after the recession, the film works extremely well as an examination of the dynamics of families under pressure. They are all frank about the worst of the times and the effects – practical and emotional – of being broke. The filmmakers have been very successful in getting the emotions on screen. The result is a celebration of the strength and flexibility of human beings. Director Alexi Vellis is better known for his drama work. His credits as an actor include The Wog Boy, The Life of Harry Dare and Genie from Down Under.