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Australia Prepared (c.1916)

  1. My Grandfather JBR Harrison of Harrison's Electro Pictures in South Australia would have shown this film. He was showing pictures from at least 1911 to 1916, which I am currently researching. I am going through the TROVE Website at the moment to record the titles of all the films he screened. He had the "hills circuit" - Murray Bridge, Renmark, Victor Harbor, Mannum, Stathalbyn etc. He teamed up with the Griffin Bros, but they must have went their separate ways about 1916. My Grandfather was also a motor engineering learning his trade at the Adelaide School of Minds. He could make any part for a car & also was a car dealer for cars like the Overlander, Willy's Knight etc. Until recently looking him up on Trove I had no idea how well known he was in his day as a "Picture Show Man". I thought it was a small sideline. I think he did quite well. In the 1920's I know he moved to Maitland SA. Trove has not scanned anything after 1916 re the EHarrison's Electro Picture so I cannot fully search to find out when he gave the Picture Show business away. I stumbled across your site while researching my Grandfather. Once I have compiled the full list of the films he screened, I must view the ones you have on file. Love your site!!!!
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    Carmel Bridgart

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