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Fire Guardians (1932)

  1. In the second clip, there is a scene shot from a moving fire engine travelling south along York Street towards the Town Hall in the distance. The large chrome spherical pressure cylinder at the front of the fire engine indicates it was the Ahrens Fox pumper based at Headquarters and used at the (real) paper mill fire. The two other Dennis fire engines slightly later in the clip are most likely arriving at Headquarters Castlereagh Street.

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  3. With regard to the first clip, there is a series of photographs taken of the same or similar event held by the State Archives. The event(s) were in the rear yard of Headquarters Castlereagh Street. Public demonstrations at Headquarters were common especially in the 1930's, and the elaborate costumes would indicate they were used for more than just Hurley's film. At least one of the replica ancient pumps is on display at the Museum of Fire, Penrith.

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