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Kraft Cheddar Cheese Cinema Advertisement: Food for Thought (c.1941)

  1. Curator notes:
    "The actress Muriel Steinbeck appeared in a number of films in the 1940s and 1950s including the feature films Smithy and A Son is Born. She can also be seen in the dramatic 1940s advertisement for Tandaco Prepared Stuffing Don’t Cry Dear Lady."

    Based on comparing the Cheese and Tandaco advertisements the actress in the Tandaco advert is not Muriel Steinbeck.

    I do not understand how the two actress could be considered the same person.

    Both films were apparently produced within a 12 month period yet there appears to be a difference in age, physical features and character.

    Muriel was 18 years old when the Cheese advert (1941) was produced.

    She was 20 when the film "South West Pacific (1943)" a year after the Tandaco advert.

    Muriels neck is shorter than the actress's in the Tandaco advert and her face is just a bit more round.

    Muriels acting is unrestrained in South West Pacific with natural emotion and fluid communication of acknowledgement of her role.

    She appeared in another war propaganda film "The Grumblens" (1943) (Trove Newspapers - Smith's Weekly Saturday 7 August 1943 p 19 Article) (Australian War Memorial, Accession Number F01886) which provides further evidence of her acting style.

    Graeme Steinbeck

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  3. Thanks Graeme for your comment. I have updated the curator notes accordingly.

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