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General Motors Holden – Export Holden Version 2 (c.1962)

  1. I'd dispute that this ad was made "around the same time" as "Export Holden" - the latest model shown in that item is the EK, the latest model shown in this item is the EJ. There appears to be no common footage used in the two items, and the voiceover is bay a different person.

    I'd therefore offer that "Export Holden" was made at least several months before this particular item.

    This one was part of a series of ads made around the time of the millionth Holden - voice-over is the same as one in my collection, and the closing line of this one is a variation on the one I have - "with the look of leadership wherever they go". Closing shot of the Holden bonnet emblem is identical in both.

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