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Cadbury’s Crunchie – ‘Snap Goes the Crunchie’ (c.1966)


This is a 30–second television advertisement for Cadbury’s Crunchie chocolate bar.

Curator’s notes

The Crunchie bar has gone through many packaging and size variations since it was introduced in 1929. In this ad, the Crunchie wrapper shows it as a Fry’s product with no reference to 'Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’. The size of the bar is also thicker and shorter here than in later commercials (such as Cadbury’s Crunchie – 'Golden Groovy Beautiful Crunchie’) and the colour of the wrapper eventually changed from the bright orange of this ad to gold. As with earlier campaigns, youth, vibrancy and physical activity are strong features of this Crunchie ad (see Cadbury’s Crunchie – 'Exciting Biting’, 1959).