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Nobby’s Nuts 1988

This 1988 television and cinema advertisement for Nobby’s Nuts combines animation and live action with great flair.


Overland Whippet Motor Car: Advertisement c1926

The Overland was an American motor vehicle company acquired by John Willys early in the 20th century.


Persil Washing Powder: Their Day 1946

This washing powder’s particular magic is its ‘oxygen dazzle’ which allows the powder to lather easily without the need for rubbing and scrubbing.


Red Cross Cinema Advertisement: The Prisoner of War Street Adoption Scheme c1941

The appeal offers something practical that people can do – pay one pound a week to sponsor a prisoner of war.

Revolution by Referendum: Political advertisement by Mr Costello c1932

One of many activists or political aspirants who have proposed socialist visions for the country’s future over its recent history.

Rinso Laundry Powder : Hilda and Hugh Jones c1940

Mrs Hilda Jones overcomes the drudgery of housework with the discovery of Rinso. Her husband Hugh is very relieved that he no longer has to suffer her bad moods.

Rinso Soap Powder: Then Came Happiness 1931

Helen, worn out by the drudge of washing day, is introduced to Rinso by a girlfriend during a bridge night.

Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey c1943

Bachelor Henry is a ‘natty dresser’ but rubbing and scrubbing wears out his clothes until finally his temper wears out too! Henry’s ‘lady help’ to brings him a packet of Rinso washing powder and shows him how to get things clean.

Rinso Washing Powder: Easy Does It 1946

This Rinso advertisement from 1946 features Bill Kerr with Joy Nichols, Dan Agar – all actors and radio stars of the era.

Rinso Washing Powder: Fairy Story Comes True c1935

A young girl helps grant her mother’s wish to have a washing day that does not require long hours of scrubbing.

Road to Tokyo c1941

An animated government advertisement designed to persuade Australians to contribute to the war effort by investing in war loans.


Sellex Crockery: Red Riding Hood c1930

This appeals to the ‘pester power’ of children by using an animated cartoon to promote Sellex products.

Shell Animated Commercial: Poster Man 1960

This advertisement was made to screen only in cinemas prior to a feature film program despite being made after the introduction of television.

The Singing Chef 1952

The catchy melody and infectious cheer have you humming along by the end of the advertisement.


Tandaco Prepared Stuffing: Don’t Cry Dear Lady c1942

A classic example of the stereotypical image we have of the Australian housewife.

Third Liberty Loan: This Is Vital to You 1941

This cinema advertisement uses text to present a direct appeal from the Federal Treasurer, JB Chifley.

Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: The Ice Man Was Never Like This c1934

Animated slogans in this advertisement effectively promote the use of ice in refrigeration.

Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: Welcome Mr Ice Man c1934

The advertisement comes from a time when electrical goods were being heavily promoted for the home.


Vegemite Cinema Advertisement: Sister Knows Best c1948

As well as being a product that the whole family can enjoy, Vegemite was marketed as having economical benefit.

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