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Kiwi Shoe Polish: Shine Sir 1914

This cinema advertisement illustrates what employers on the home front faced when their staff enlisted themselves into the war effort.

Anzac Day Promotional c1916

This advertisement encourages Australians to commemorate Anzac Day. The Gallipoli campaign was fought from 25 April 1915 and first commemorated in 1916.


Berlei Corsets: Beautiful Lines of Woman Triumphant c1920

This advertisement shows the fuller figures of the models as compared with models of today.

Bushells Blue Label Tea: Bushells Tea Factory c1925

This ad takes the form of an industrial documentary by showing the process of tea making.

Lifesavers: Cryst-O-Mint Flavour 1925

Running for over 17 minutes, this cinema advertisement is long compared to current standards.

Magnavox Wireless: Why Jones Chose a Magnavox 1925

Compared to contemporary car radios, the Magnavox Wirelesses seems absurd because of its large size.

Maxonol Gramophone: Buy a Good Gramophone and Keep Her at Home 1925

Typically for a cinema advertisement of the time, it takes a narrative style and is shot like a slowly paced short film.

Overland Whippet Motor Car: Advertisement c1926

The Overland was an American motor vehicle company acquired by John Willys early in the 20th century.

Beautiful Middle Harbour 1927

Beginning with wide, panoramic shots of the scenery, this captures some interesting footage of Sydney before suburban development.

Camp-Berlei Foundation Garments: Physiological Support c1927

Today Berlei remains one of the most recognisable names in the manufacture and design of lingerie and underwear in Australia.

Bushells Tea: The Charmed Cup 1929

Divided into three parts, this advertisement was screened like chapters of a dramatic fairytale plot.

Here Comes Santa 1929

In this 1929 cinema advertisement, Santa and a young girl dressed as a fairy arrive by horse-drawn carriage at Alexandra Hospital and distribute presents.

Hoyts and Studebaker Cinema Advertisement: Touring Talkie Show c1929

This advertisement positions the joint Hoyts, Shell and Studebaker venture as a service which audiences in country areas both need and deserve.

Hoyts Cinemas: Talkies for Country Areas c1929

It wasn’t until 1937 that all Australian cinemas countrywide had been converted to sound.


Berlei Cinema Advertisement: It Isn’t Done 1930

The art deco interiors with shaped mirrors, door frames and seating all align with Berlei’s reputation for quality and beauty.

Chas E Blanks: Families at Seaside, Sydney Harbour c1930

This ad is filmed in a home movie style, and features the producer’s own family.

Sellex Crockery: Red Riding Hood c1930

This appeals to the ‘pester power’ of children by using an animated cartoon to promote Sellex products.

The Alfred, Melbourne: One of Australia’s Greatest Hospitals 1931

This four-minute cinema advertisement made by Australian Sound Films promotes the activities of the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne in order to raise funds.

FW Thring Introduces the Stars 1931

In this short introductory speech, Thring proudly announces to the audience that the film program they are about to see is completely Australian made.

Rinso Soap Powder: Then Came Happiness 1931

Helen, worn out by the drudge of washing day, is introduced to Rinso by a girlfriend during a bridge night.

Revolution by Referendum: Political advertisement by Mr Costello c1932

One of many activists or political aspirants who have proposed socialist visions for the country’s future over its recent history.

Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: The Ice Man Was Never Like This c1934

Animated slogans in this advertisement effectively promote the use of ice in refrigeration.

Toora Vale Ice Company, Berri: Welcome Mr Ice Man c1934

The advertisement comes from a time when electrical goods were being heavily promoted for the home.

Rinso Washing Powder: Fairy Story Comes True c1935

A young girl helps grant her mother’s wish to have a washing day that does not require long hours of scrubbing.

Conquest 1936

This ad for the Rural Bank of New South Wales pitches the story of the ‘man on the land’ as one of industry, courage, determination and progress.

Imperial Tractors: Western Australian Farmers Support an Australian Industry 1937

This cinema advertisement introduces Imperial Tractors and uses a similar style to the industrial documentaries produced in the 1920s.

Aeroplane Jelly Song 1938

The most famous recording of the ‘I Like Aeroplane Jelly’ jingle.

King Billy’s First Car 1939

This 1930s animated advertisement contains a disturbing subtext about Indigenous Australians.


Electric Stove Cinema Advertisement: Banish Drudgery c1940

The emphasis on economy is the main selling point of this electric range.

Kraft Cheddar Cheese Cinema Advertisement: Unexpected Guests c1940

This snack was marketed by Kraft as a quick and easy-to-prepare snack, and importantly an economical one.

Rinso Laundry Powder : Hilda and Hugh Jones c1940

Mrs Hilda Jones overcomes the drudgery of housework with the discovery of Rinso. Her husband Hugh is very relieved that he no longer has to suffer her bad moods.

Bushells Tea Advertisement: The World of the Future c1941

This cinema advertisement reassures its viewers that no matter what the future holds, you can rely on Bushells tea to remain the same.

Kraft Cheddar Cheese Cinema Advertisement: Food for Thought c1941

Kraft cleverly positions its processed cheese as a product which can contribute to a household’s ability to increase its food value.

Red Cross Cinema Advertisement: The Prisoner of War Street Adoption Scheme c1941

The appeal offers something practical that people can do – pay one pound a week to sponsor a prisoner of war.

Road to Tokyo c1941

An animated government advertisement designed to persuade Australians to contribute to the war effort by investing in war loans.

Third Liberty Loan: This Is Vital to You 1941

This cinema advertisement uses text to present a direct appeal from the Federal Treasurer, JB Chifley.

Aeroplane Fruit Jellies Advertisement: Bertie the Aeroplane 1942

Creating a lovable cartoon character in Bertie the Aeroplane is one of the reasons that Aeroplane Jelly has become such an identifiable product.

Tandaco Prepared Stuffing: Don’t Cry Dear Lady c1942

A classic example of the stereotypical image we have of the Australian housewife.

Australians Keep the Wheels of Industry Turning c1943

An animated advertisement to persuade Australians to invest in National Savings stamps and the 4th Liberty Loan.

Fourth Liberty Loan 1943

A Fourth Liberty Loan campaign was launched to encourage people to buy national savings stamps to contribute to the war effort.

Give Us This Day 1943

This food rationing advertisement takes its title from a phrase in the Lord’s Prayer ‘give us this day our daily bread’.

Kellogg’s Cornflakes: Tell Me a Story c1943

This advertisement appeals to children as a story, and their mothers as the children’s carers.

Rinso Washing Powder: A Bachelor Grey c1943

Bachelor Henry is a ‘natty dresser’ but rubbing and scrubbing wears out his clothes until finally his temper wears out too! Henry’s ‘lady help’ to brings him a packet of Rinso washing powder and shows him how to get things clean.

Kolynos Dental Cream Advertisement: Next Please c1944

This advertisement employs a clever use of voice-over that moves the narration into direct dialogue with its characters and audience.

CE Miller & Co Cinema Advertisement: Know Your Melbourne c1945

This beautifully photographed advertisement for the removal company CE Miller & Co was shot by Australian cinematographer Ross Wood.

First Victory Home Loan: Squander Bug 1945

This ad aimed to persuade Australians to donate money to the war effort, portraying it as patriotic and a show of commitment to the cause.

Kolynos Dental Cream Advertisement: Kisses c1945

This advertisement is an early example of associating a product with sexual or social desirability.

ALP Cinema Advertisement: In the Wake of the Storm 1946

This cinema ad for the 1946 federal election encourages Australians to stay with the Labor Party, which has successfully led the country through the end of the Second World War.

Liberal Party Cinema Advertisement: The Golden Age 1946

This Liberal Party cinema advertisement for the 1946 federal election proposes that life for ordinary people under the incumbent Labor government is by no means as good as it should be.

Persil Washing Powder: Their Day 1946

This washing powder’s particular magic is its ‘oxygen dazzle’ which allows the powder to lather easily without the need for rubbing and scrubbing.

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