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Giorgio Mangiamele

Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled by Graham Shirley from film credits, contemporary press articles, information provided by Rosemary Mangiamele and Dr Gino Moliterno. June 2011

Devil in the Flesh 1985Still photographerfeature

Short dramatised documentary

1982Director, Writerdocumentary
The Caring Crocodile 1981Director, Writerdocumentary
South Pacific Festival of Arts – Parts 1-2 1980Co-director, co-editordocumentary
Living Museum 1980Director, Writerdocumentary
Papua New Guinea Joins the Silk World 1979Director, Writer, Co-cinematographerdocumentary
Beyond Reason 1970Director, Cinematographerfeature
Clay 1965Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editorfeature
The Way to Tomorrow No. 2: Boys in the Age of Machines 1964Director, Cinematographerdocumentary
Ninety Nine Per Cent 1963Director, Co-writershort film
The Crucifixion: Bas Reliefs in Silver by Matcham Skipper 1963Cinematographerdocumentary
On Three Moon Creek: Australian Paintings by Gil Jamieson 1963Cinematographerdocumentary
Sebastian The Fox

Short fiction puppet series. Episodes: 2 (Sebastian and the Burglar), 3 (The Bomb), 4 (The Animal Catcher), 5 (The Sleepwalkers), 6 (The Showman), 7 (The Gold Mine), 8 (The Painter), 9 (The Doll’s House), 10 (The Castaway), 11 (The Classroom), 12 (The Potters), 13 (The Fashion Parade)

1963CinematographerTV program
The Spag

Released version. Unreleased version c1960.

1962Director, Co-writershort film
Unwanted 1958Director, Writershort film
The Brothers 1958Director, Co-writershort film
Il Contratto 1953CastDirector, Co-writerfeature