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Title Year Cast Crew Production

Compiled from australianscreen, The Internet Movie Database, Tony Harrison, Australian Film and TV Companion (2nd Ed), 2005; Scott Murray, Australia on the Small Screen: 1970-1995, 1996; and with the assistance of Shanahan Management and Chris Haywood. January 2012

Swerve 2011Armstrongfeature
Sleeping Beauty 2011Man 2feature
Palawan Fate 2011feature
Beneath Hill 60 2010Colonel Wilson Rutledgefeature
The Extraordinary Tale of William Buckley 2010John MorganTV program
The Pacific

2 episodes: Guadalcanal/Leckie, Home

2010John LeckieTV program
Savages Crossing 2009Chrisfeature
The Boys are Back 2009Tomfeature
All Saints

1 episode: Yet Another Reality Check

2009Neil AudenTV program
False Witness 2009BrowningTV program
My Place

2 episodes: 1948 Jen, 1938 Colum

2009Mr O’SullivanTV program
Salvation 2008Architectfeature
The View from Greenhaven 2008Dashfeature

Segment ‘The Water Diary’

2008Lunch guestshort film
A Pretty Penny 2008Jackshort film
Offside 2008Stuartshort film
The Weight of Sunken Treasure 2008Old Michael Dooleyshort film
You Better Watch Out 2008Santa Clausshort film
The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce


2008Robert KnopwoodTV program
Lockout 2007Presenterdocumentary
The Fibros and the Silvertails 2007Sports commentatordocumentary
Correspondence 2007Quentin Samuelsshort film
Swing 2007short film
Home and Away

31 episodes

2007Bruce CampbellTV program
The Starter Wife


2007Mr LewisTV program
The Bridge 2006Dr Hecksshort film
Jindabyne 2006Gregoryfeature
Solo 2006Arkanfeature
Hotel Vladivostok 2006Manshort film
Vend 2006Mechanic 1short film
Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Episode 5: The Road Virus Heads North

2006Dr BognerTV program
Jewboy 2005Samshort feature
Adrift 2005Albertshort film
Human Touch 2004Edwardfeature
The Widower 2004Nevilleshort feature
Blackjack: Sweet Science


2004Wayne TippetTV program
Salem’s Lot

US mini-series

2004NarratorTV program

1 episode: Brave New World

2004Stevey DawesTV program
Through My Eyes


2004Des Sturgess QCTV program
Paradise Found 2003Arnaudfeature
Subterano 2003Clearyfeature
Lennie Cahill Shoots Through 2003Twink short feature
Fat Cow Motel

Episode 9

2003King Roy TV program
Grass Roots

10 episodes: Art, Prostitution, Garbage, Crime, Dogs, Egomania, Youth, Cars, Investigation, By-election

2003George Hasnakov TV program
The Kelly Legacy 2003NarratorTV program
Black and White 2002Detective-Sergeant Karskensfeature
The Nugget 2002Dougfeature
Stuffed Bunny 2002Marcus’ fathershort film
All Saints

12 episodes: Personal Matters, M for Memory, Running on Empathy, First Steps, Judgement Day, Due Diligence, An Itch to Scratch, No Expectations, The Untouchables, Where the Heart Is, Secrets, Big Kids

2002Peter BuchananTV program
A Fine Body of Gentlemen 2002NarratorTV program
One Night the Moon 2001Sergeantfeature
Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky 2001Oscarfeature
Cinema of Solitude 2001NarratorTV program
McLeod’s Daughters

3 episodes: If the Boot Fits…, Stir Crazy, Reality Bites

2001Bob the postieTV program
My Husband My Killer


2001George CannellisTV program
The Chalon Heads 2001NarratorTV program
Innocence 2000Ministerfeature
Muggers 2000George Roy Rogersfeature
The Monkey’s Mask 2000Dad Fitzpatrickfeature

1 episode

1999Stanley TrundleTV program

1 episode: Picture If You Will

2000Sorceror MaldisTV program
Grass Roots

8 episodes: A Week in September, Late September, October to March, February to May, January to April, April to July, Late July: Friday 4 pm to 10.30 pm, The Whole Year

2000George Hasnakov TV program
Treasure Island 2000NarratorTV program
Federation 1999Narratordocumentary
Jack Sue: A Matter of Honour 1999Narratordocumentary
Change of Heart 1999Harryfeature
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien 1999Clayton Strawnfeature
Accidents Will Happen 1999short film

1 episode: That Old Black Magic

1999Sorceror MaldisTV program

1 episode: Man in the Dark

1999AJ BlackburnTV program

1 episode

1999Jim SummersTV program
The Day of the Roses


1998InformerTV program
House Gang

5 episodes: Surprise, Moving Out, Jealousy, Ambition, Chaos

1998MikeTV program
Kiss or Kill 1997Detective Hummerfeature
Oscar and Lucinda 1997Mr Juddfeature


1997FlagTV program
Good Guys Bad Guys

1 episode: You Say Etics, I Say Ethics

1997Father Frank Conroy TV program
Murder Call

1 episode: Hot Shot

1997Jack TelferTV program
One Way Ticket


1997Bertie TV program
Wild Ones 1997NarratorTV program
Blackrock 1996Detective Wilanskyfeature
Lust and Revenge 1996George Oliphantfeature
Shine 1996Samfeature
Total Social Misfit 1996Henryshort film
Cabbie of the Year 1996Vinceshort film
Australia: The Big Picture 1996NarratorTV program
Banjo Patterson's Man From Snowy River

2 episodes

1996Bert MorrellTV program
Frontier: Stories from White Australia's Forgotten War

Voice only

1996Ward StephenTV program
House Gang

5 episodes: Nightmares, Sex, Winners, Truth or Dare, Don’t Call Me Stupid

1996MikeTV program
Naked: Stories of Men

1 episode: Fisherman’s Wake

1996BishTV program
Pacific Drive 1996Bill GarlandTV program
Sun on the Stubble


1996Train DriverTV program
Water Rats

1 episode: Wrecked

1996Peter AndersonTV program

Telemovie in ‘The Feds’ series

1995Daniel ‘Mac’ McIntyreTV program

1 episode: Glory Days

1995Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Chandler TV program

12 episodes: A Lawful Apprehension, Suicide by Cop, Intent to Permanently Deprive, Right to Remain Silent, Confess and Avoid, A Prima Facie Case, Demands with Menaces, Fit to Plead, Breach of Bond, An Unnatural Act, Mute by Visitation, Elements of Murder

1995Michael KiddTV program
Singapore Sling: Old Flames


1995SonnyTV program
Exile 1994Village Priestfeature
Muriel's Wedding 1994Ken Blundellfeature
Five Easy Pizzas

Episode ‘Bernie’s Magic Moment’

1994Bernieshort film

12 episodes: Reckless Indifference, Malice Aforethought, Not on the Merits, A Rare Crushing Reversal, Judgment Amongst Short Men, Without Consent, Fail to Appear, A Mischievous Offence, A Familiar Utterance, Without Prejudice, Improper Influences, Burden of Proof

1994Michael KiddTV program
Touch Me 1993Claude the Dwarf short film
Butterfly Island


1993TV program

1 episode: One Perfect Day

1993Jack MolineauxTV program


1992Mr Jackfeature
The Nun and the Bandit 1992Michael Stanleyfeature
Letters to the Future 1992Davidshort film
The Garden 1992short film


1992TV program
The Boys from the Bush

9 episodes: High Flyers, Wedding Prezzies, Dancing in the Dark, Our Rellos, Beasts and Beauty, Catching Up With You, Unexpected Turbulence, There’ll Always Be an England, Mergers

1992Dennis TontineTV program
The Last Man Hanged


1992The SheriffTV program
The Media Project 1991NarratorProducerdocumentary
A Woman's Tale 1991Jonathanfeature
Sweet Talker 1991Bostockfeature
The Boys from the Bush

10 episodes: The Stuffed Platypus, Poetic Galah, Going Walkabout, Tall Poppies, Creepy Crawlies, Bucks and Hens, Multi Culture, Mateship, State and Commonwealth, Advance Australia Fair

1991Dennis TontineTV program
Aya 1990Macfeature
Golden Braid 1990Bernardfeature
Quigley 1990Major Ashley-Pittfeature
Plead Guilty, Get a Bond 1990Colin Mackenzieshort film
Island 1989Janisfeature
Language Arts 1989TV program
Emerald City 1988Mike McCordfeature
Manifesto 1988Wangofeature
The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey 1988Arnofeature
A Day and a Half 1988Sidshort film
Outside Looking In 1988Father Petershort film
Blood, Sweat and Tears: The History of Australian Sport 1988NarratorTV program
The Bit Part 1987Michael Thorntonfeature
The Tale of Ruby Rose 1987Henry Rosefeature
Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train 1987Station masterfeature
Don Quixote of La Mancha

Voice only

1987Sancho Panza TV program
The First Kangaroos


1987James Giltinan TV program
Dogs in Space 1986Chainsaw Manfeature
King Solomon’s Mines

Voice only

1986Ambrose Quegfeature
Malcolm 1986Willyfeature
Call Me Mr Brown


1986Peter MacariTV program
Cyclone Tracy


1986Steve ParryTV program
Double Sculls


1986Paul WeberTV program
A Street to Die 1985Colin Turnerfeature
Burke and Wills 1985Tom McDonaghfeature
The Coca-Cola Kid 1985Kimfeature
Wills and Burke 1985Constablefeature
Razorback 1984Bennyfeature
Five Mile Creek

1 episode: Home and Away

1984McCreaTV program
Peach’s Explorers – South to North 1984TV program
Queen of the Road


1984TV program
Rafferty’s Rules

TV pilot

1984Rafferty TV program
Special Squad 1984CarterTV program
The Great Gold Swindle


1984Peter DuvnjakTV program


1984ErnieTV program
Waterloo Station 1984TV program
Man of Flowers 1983Davidfeature
Strikebound 1983Wattie Doigfeature
Carson’s Law 1983Frank WhiteTV program
Cop Shop 1983TV program
Return to Eden


1983Jason PeeblesTV program
Heatwave 1982Peter Housemanfeature
Running on Empty 1982Photographerfeature
The Clinic 1982Dr Eric Linden feature
The Man from Snowy River 1982Curlyfeature
The Return of Captain Invincible 1982Maitre Dfeature
With Prejudice 1982Rogersonfeature
A Country Practice

2 episodes: Cheap Dream Parts 1 & 2

1982Wayne (Duke)TV program
The Sullivans 1982SnowyTV program
No Going Back 1981documentary
Freedom 1981Philfeature
Lonely Hearts 1981Detectivefeature
Wrong Side of the Road 1981Policemanfeature
Killing Floor 1981Stanshort film
The Uninvited 1981short film
Holiday Island

1 episode: Mother’s Revenge

1981CosmosTV program
Women of the Sun

1 Episode: Maydina the Shadow

1981AlfTV program
The First Ninety Days 1980Geofffeature
…Maybe This Time 1980The Salesmanfeature
Attack Force Z 1980Able Seaman AD ‘Sparrer’ Birdfeature
The Report 1980Tony Wheelerdocumentary
The Survivor 1980Heshort film
Cop Shop 1980Billy Giles, FlowersTV program
Smugglers Cove


1980ThugTV program
The Sullivans 1980TheoTV program
The Timeless Land


1980Johnny PrenticeTV program
Breaker Morant 1979Corporal Sharpfeature
Kostas 1979Martinfeature
For a Child Called Michael 1979short film
Cop Shop 1979Peter MeadowsTV program
Jokes 1979TV program
Patrol Boat

1 episode: Follow the Leader

1979ParkesTV program
In Search of Anna 1978Jerryfeature
Newsfront 1978Chris Hewettfeature
A Good Thing Going


1978TerryTV program
Against the Wind 1978John LearyTV program
Glenview High

1 episode: Easy Money

1978BlueTV program
Out of It 1977short film

1 episode: The Wrong Coffin

1977ChrisTV program
Deathcheaters 1976Butcherfeature
The Trespassers 1976Sandyfeature
Alvin Purple

6 episodes: Footy Widow, London Derriere, O Death Where is Thy Sting, Purple Stork, Rhythm Method, The Hustled

1976Rod ‘Spike’ MorleyTV program

1 episode: Third Generation

1976Greg FergusonTV program

1 episode: La Belle France

1976CrewTV program
The Great MacArthy 1975Warburtonfeature
The Removalists 1975Rob, the removalistfeature
Kazzam International 1975short film

Animation, voice only

1975TV program
Luke’s Kingdom 1976Arthur CopeTV program
Matlock Police

1 episode: The Contessa

1975Pete WilliamsTV program
Quality of Mercy

1 episode: Send Him on His Way Rejoicing

1975KurtTV program
Shannon’s Mob

1 episode: Mixed Doubles

1975Richard PollardTV program
Target 1975TV program
The Explorers – Burke and Wills


1975KingTV program
You Ain’t Got a Barrel of Money

TV pilot

1975TV program
The Cars That Ate Paris 1974Darrylfeature
Division 4 1974TV program


1974SquiresTV program

1 episode: You’ve Got to Do Something

1974Dave WaltersTV program
Matlock Police

1 episode: The Germ Bomb

1974JeffTV program
Alvin Purple 1973feature
Certain Women 1973TV program
Frank and Francesca 1973MontyTV program
Number 96 1972TV program
The Aunty Jack Show

2 episodes: The Aunty Jack Anonymous Show, The Aunty Jack Family Show

1972TV program
The Money Game

Television play

1972TV program
The Comedy Game 1971TV program