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Mermaids swim well

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Mermaids Swim Well (G)

This Australasian Gazette newsreel from approximately 1931 shows highlights of the Bondi Ladies’ Annual Carnival at the local Bondi baths, at the south end of Bondi Beach. Edna Davey is shown well in front in …

Best man on ground

from the feature film Australian Rules (PG)

Prospect Bay has won the grand final in spectacular fashion. At the awards presentation that night, star-player Dumby Red (Luke Carroll) fully expects to be named best player on ground, but the local publican, Big …

Police Boys’ Club

from the newsreel Australia Today – Men of Tomorrow (G)

A young boy is taken to the Police Boys Club. Its aim, according to the narration, is to ‘keep boys off the streets’. It shows the boys working in the gym, boxing, and socialising in …


from the documentary Black and Dusty (G)

Cars race through the dusty outback. Warwick Thornton talks to camera about the preparation for the race and the need to just finish it. He also speaks about how at the age of 34 he …

A great footballer

from the television program Dynasties – The Rose Family (PG)

When Bob Rose came to Melbourne to seek his fortune as a young man, he came as a boxer. Very soon his first love of football was recognised and he began to play for the …


from the documentary Footy The La Perouse Way (PG)

An RSL Club, and a raffle is taking place. Players from the La Perouse Panthers have gathered for the team’s fundraiser. Bruce 'Lapa’ Stewart, community elder and former La Perouse player, speaks into a …

The good, the bad and the ugly

from the television program Four Corners – Fixing Cricket (G)

The Pakistan cricket team has had its fair share of cheats and match fixers and yet there is one player whose bravery in the face of having his national cricketing career interrupted marks him as …

The root of all evil

from the television program Four Corners – Fixing Cricket (G)

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (Indian Cricket Board) controls the millions of dollars generated from the game of cricket. If the game were to be tainted through accusations of match fixing then …

A country cricket match

from the feature film Grandad Rudd (G)

Grandad Rudd (Bert Bailey) challenges his neighbour Mr Regan (Les Warton) to a family cricket match, in order to avoid having to pay Regan for some pigs. The Irish Regan accepts, stipulating his own rules …

‘This is a black country’

from the documentary Loved Up – Endangered (PG)

Greg tells us that there is no such thing as an Aborigine. There are Waddi Waddi, Gubbi Gubbi, Warlpiri, but the Aborigine does not exist. He offers an explanation of the necessity to strengthen blood …

The game

from the documentary Marn Grook (G)

Thomas Wills and his cousin, HCA Harrison, combined elements of soccer, Gaelic football and rugby union to come up with a concoction that incorporated all the codes and founded AFL in the …

‘The love of cricket’

from the documentary That's Cricket (G)

A child sits on the grass next to a miniature cricket kit with stumps, bat and ball, as the narrator explains that a love of cricket is inherent to 'every Australian’. Children play the game …

Surfing, a national sport

from the documentary Thrill of the Surf (PG)

Commentator John Moyes explains that men are making surfboards out of plywood. A line of surfers carry their boards down to the shore and paddle out towards the breakers. The camera follows their path, capturing …

Sharing kultcha

from the documentary Us Deadly Mob (G)

Amber Mercy tells us about her experience of participating in surf competitions around the world. Footage and photographs show surfers from different cultures.

The will to win

from the documentary What Makes a Champion (G)

As the one-mile race is run with athletes including Herb Elliott, Bob Vaag, Merv Lincoln and Albie Thomas, the narrator examines the techniques, strategies and temperaments that come into play. What makes a champion stand …

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