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History of sport in Australia

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Maoris give their war cry

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Maoris Give Their War Cry (G)

This Australasian Gazette newsreel from approximately 1922 shows the New Zealand Maori rugby league team on the field of a stadium performing the haka ceremonial war dance before a match. The clip then ends with …

Mermaids swim well

from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Mermaids Swim Well (G)

This Australasian Gazette newsreel from approximately 1931 shows highlights of the Bondi Ladies’ Annual Carnival at the local Bondi baths, at the south end of Bondi Beach. Edna Davey is shown well in front in …

‘Silent terror of the deep’

from the newsreel Australia Today – Man-Eater (G)

On the sparkling beaches of Australia, where people relax and enjoy the summer, life guards patrol the beaches and remain alert to the dangers of sharks lurking in the shallow beach water.

Alan Bond

from the documentary Bigger than Texas (PG)

Archival footage shows Perth’s celebrations when Perth businessman Alan Bond’s yacht wins the Americas Cup. In a speech at the launch of his book about Bond, journalist Paul Barry comments on the rise …

The end of Ted Parker

from the feature film The Club (PG)

Club president Ted Parker (Graham Kennedy) is under pressure to resign, following allegations that he beat up a stripper at a club function. In the committee room, ex-coach Jock Riley (Frank Wilson) and administrator Gerry …

The pyjama game

from the documentary Cricket in Australia (PG)

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell tells his version of the beginnings of World Series Cricket in 1978, when media baron Kerry Packer made Chappell captain.

Learning from fish

from the documentary Crystal Voyager (G)

George Greenough explains how he takes his design ideas from nature, from the curve of a marlin’s fin, for example. He is shown building his own equipment from scratch, then trialing it in the …

One wave, one surfer

from the documentary Crystal Voyager (G)

After a great day surfing with his friend Richie West, George Greenough goes back to work on his boat, a 37-foot hull on which he is building his own cabin. He explains his philosophy of …

Beach scenes

from the home movie Farey: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (PG)

A beach scene from the 1930s is captured on this home movie clip taken by Leslie Francis Farey. People are shown lying on the beach and a group of people swim between the flags while …

The Australian cricket team in Ceylon and Naples

from the home movie Henshall, Mr: Australian Cricketers Visit Ceylon, Naples, Switzerland and Practise at Lords (G)

The Australian cricket team walks onto the field in Colombo, Sri Lanka, captained by Bill Woodfull. The next shot is of the players – formally dressed in three-piece suits and hats – on the streets of Port …

A win at last

from the documentary The Hillmen: A Soccer Fable (PG)

The under-16 soccer team from Clifton Hill, Melbourne, claims its first win after many defeats.

Soccer assimilation

from the documentary The Hillmen: A Soccer Fable (PG)

Club secretary and under-16 manager Stan Stokes talks about the process of assimilation of all the team members of the soccer club. The boys come from Greek, Turkish and Vietnamese backgrounds.

Hector learns to fly

from the feature film The Kid Stakes (G)

After they rescue Hector from captivity in the Twirt mansion, with the help of Madeline Twirt (Eileen Alexander) and her lovesick suitor Horatio John Wart (Jimmy Taylor), the gang members realise they’ve run out …

Hector, Hector, Hector!

from the feature film The Kid Stakes (G)

The race is on and Hector looks in trouble. The radio race-caller (Tal Ordell) becomes increasingly excited as Poo, Windbag and Stonker fight for the lead – but Hector isn’t done yet.

The game

from the documentary Marn Grook (G)

Thomas Wills and his cousin, HCA Harrison, combined elements of soccer, Gaelic football and rugby union to come up with a concoction that incorporated all the codes and founded AFL in the …

The Brisbane Exhibition

from the home movie McIlwraith, Peter: Brisbane Show and Moonbi Park (G)

This home movie clip shows various scenes filmed by Peter McIlwraith at the Brisbane Exhibition (or 'Ekka’) in the 1950s. It includes: scenes of a merry-go-round with children and adults riding on the horse-shaped seats …

Redex Trials

from the feature film Newsfront (PG)

Cameraman Len Maguire (Bill Hunter) and assistant Chris (Chris Haywood) rush ahead of the entrants in the round Australia Redex Trials to capture footage. They set up at a dangerous corner to wait for the …

Work and play

from the documentary The Rising Generation (G)

From a raised position, the camera films the children as they file off from school assembly and walk to class. They march in step with each other, forming perfect lines, and each row peels off …

The Stawell Gift 130-yard dash

from the documentary The Stawell Gift: Staging the Golden Jubilee Carnival (G)

The running of the semi-finals and finals of the 130-yard footrace commences. TJ Miles from Queensland is the winner. He is presented with a sash, gold medal and trophy. He is congratulated by WJ Millard …

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