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Children’s birthday party

from the home movie Albion, Douglas: Children's Party (G)

This clip includes five-year-old Wally being picked up and hugged by his parents; an older man dressed as Santa Claus; children on a seesaw and playing ring-a-rosie; Wally being pushed on a swing by his …

Do it yourself

from the television program A Big Country – The Prices (PG)

The Price family has learned to be incredibly self-sufficient. They make their own bread and even cut fence posts from timber on the property. We’re witnessing the pioneer spirit still alive in the second …

‘Life upside down’

from the documentary Billal (PG)

Late teen Lebanese-Australian Billal, permanently brain damaged from a car accident, is undergoing an operation for the third time. The surgeon explains that fluid has built up in Billal’s brain causing him to gain …

Raising children during the Great Depression

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Four women recall the hardship of raising children during a period of mass unemployment. The government provided a 'baby bundle’ consisting of poor quality clothing.

Doing it tough

from the television program Chequerboard – It’s Amazing What You Can Do With a Pound of Mince (PG)

A British immigrant couple talk frankly about how they survive on a single basic wage with three children under five and a mountain of hospital bills to pay.

Born in Bendigo

from the television program Chequerboard – It’s Amazing What You Can Do With a Pound of Mince (PG)

The Simms are a young couple who’ve come to Melbourne from the bush to find a better life. They barely manage because Mrs Simms has a chronic illness that takes up nearly all her …

I’m my father’s son

from the television program Chequerboard Revisited – Episode 3: I Reckon I'm an Average Australian (PG)

Kevin is a working class bloke who likes his wife to be at home, caring for him. He’s honest enough to say what he feels about his wife’s new-found assertiveness. He doesn’t …

An evening at home

from the home movie Clarke, Robin JH: Sydney Diary (G)

This is taken from a sequence depicting the domestic routine of a family evening spent at home. Clarke arranges it into a narrative which begins with a train pulling into Wahroonga station, and includes scenes …

Oliver’s multiple abductions

from the documentary Empty Arms, Broken Hearts (PG)

Oliver has been abducted by his father four times. The father has been imprisoned over the abduction. The adverse psychological effect on Oliver is evident.

A surprise visit

from the television program Harp in the South (PG)

Sister Theopilus (Kirrily Nolan) and Sister Beatrix (Dinah Shearing), two of the teaching nuns from Roie’s old school have come on a surprise visit to see Roie. As they leave, Grandma (Gwen Plumb) appears …

‘We all have lives’

from the documentary The Highest Court (PG)

A round table discussion with the chief justice of the High Court, Sir Gerard Brennan, and justices Mary Gaudron, John Toohey, Kenneth Hayne and William Gummow in which they reveal that they, also, live in …

Facing the demons

from the television program If Only – Series 1 Episode 5 (PG)

Georgina was a state ward from the age of 3 until she was 14 years old, when she was sent as a domestic to work in a family until she turned 18. Her mother wouldn …

‘Halls Creek drop-in centre’

from the documentary Kimberley Cops (G)

Sergeant Neil Gordon befriended an Aboriginal boy who now resides with him. The local kids are often there playing pool and socialising and consequently Sergeant Gordon has labelled his home the 'Halls Creek drop-in centre’.

Hide the shame

from the documentary Least Said, Soonest Mended (PG)

Val is sent away to have her illegitimate baby in secret. Her mother always wanted to have a 25th wedding anniversary party. While pregnant, Val can’t be seen by neighbours and friends, so her …

A new life

from the television program The Leaving of Liverpool (PG)

An official visiting the orphanage in Liverpool invites the children to do their bit for the British Empire by putting themselves forward to begin a new life in Rhodesia, Australia or Canada.

Grief is uncharted territory

from the documentary Losing Layla (PG)

Vanessa and Michael discuss the complexities of the grief they felt over the death of their baby daughter, Layla.

A black rose

from the documentary Loved Up – Endangered (PG)

Animated sequence of a funeral. The interview subject tells of the death of the father of her first child as a consequence of the loss of a role in society.

What is love?

from the documentary Loved Up – The Dream of Love (PG)

All the main characters are introduced in this clip, and all offer their own definition of love.

A forbidden love

from the documentary Loved Up – The Dream of Love (PG)

Anne and Trish, the sisters of the filmmaker, speak about the racism experienced by their father Colin when he first began dating their mother Gloria.

The rapist label

from the documentary The Man Who Stole My Mother's Face (PG)

In 1989 Laura Henkel was raped in South Africa. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Laura is additionally hurt that her son blames her for not identifying the man as a rapist and thus preventing the …

‘You’re all useless’

from the feature film Muriel's Wedding (G)

Bill Heslop (Bill Hunter) entertains a Japanese resort developer (Ken Senga) and his interpreter (Kuni Hashimoto) at a Chinese restaurant. The meal is free, because Bill Heslop has done the owner (Jon-Claire Lee) a favour …

‘I don’t mean you’

from the documentary My Mother India (PG)

In 1984 the Uberoi family has to leave India to escape the anti-Sikh riots. The filmmaker’s sister Zoe describes her distress when a school friend criticises the Sikhs but says she means nothing against …

‘This is not easy’

from the feature film The Quiet Room (PG)

The mother (Celine O’Leary) sits watching her daughter’s angry drawing. She has come to tell her that her father is moving out. The child carries on a conversation that her mother can’t …


from the feature film Radiance (M)

The sisters carry a turtle into the kitchen. They talk about killing it and making turtle curry. Stones hit the roof of the house. Young boys yell 'witch, witch’. Nona confronts the boys, and they …

‘Chinese family dream’

from the documentary Reunion (PG)

When David Wang, a successful businessman, was elected to the Melbourne City Council in 1969, his wife recalls that they were sent newspaper cuttings from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, all reporting his election. His …

Chinese emotion

from the documentary Reunion (PG)

David Wang was a successful Chinese businessman in Melbourne. His wife, Mabel, his son Chris and his daughter, Lisa recall the lack of demonstrated emotion in daily family life.

Teen smoking

from the documentary Rites of Passage (PG)

Rebellious teenagers smoke to annoy their parents. A mother and daughter discuss why the girl ran away from home.

‘Seven of them, and I’m only 20!’

from the television program Seven Little Australians (G)

The children are all trying to make it up to their father (Leonard Teale) after the dinner disaster, but unfortunately Bunty (Mark Shields-Brown) and Baby (Tania Falla) just make it worse. It’s all too …

‘Only the fit survive’

from the feature film Shine (G)

David’s music teacher Mr Rosen (Nicholas Bell) pleads with Mr Helfgott (Armin Mueller-Stahl) to let David take up an offer of a music scholarship in America. Mr Helfgott has no money and does not …

On the road

from the television program The Shiralee (PG)

Buster (Rebecca Smart) the city kid has been kitted out for her new life in the bush and her father (Bryan Brown) is setting a cracking pace as they walk to his next farm job …

Pressure to perform

from the documentary Spirit 2000: Countdown to Sydney (G)

Primary school girls compete to be chosen for the Australian gymnastics team. Pressure is on the young gymnasts as they train at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. The girls and coaches are interviewed in …

Christianity and intermarriage

from the documentary Temple on the Hill (PG)

An Indian man who has married an Australian woman and become a Christian visits his mother and father at home with his wife. They all talk frankly about his choice.

‘Mothers don’t give up their babies easily’

from the television program Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (G)

Kate visits a volunteer organisation to get help to locate her birth parents. Barry (Nick Enright) explains why there is so much secrecy around the details of adoption.

‘I’m not the one who got pregnant!’

from the television program Winners – Just Friends (G)

Susan (Sherie Graham) wants to go to Francine’s (Shanti Gudgeon) party but her harried mother (Lindy Davies) won’t let her – she doesn’t trust her. Angry, Susan yells at her mother, ‘I’m …

‘Why was I adopted?’

from the television program Winners – On Loan (G)

Le explains to Lindy how she came to be adopted – he was captured by Viet Cong, their village was bombed and her mother was trying to walk to Saigon with all the children and no …

You can ask me anything!

from the television program Winners – The Other Facts of Life (G)

Dad (Dennis Miller) tries to tell Ben (Ken Talbot) the facts of life, but Ben wants to know ,why are there starving people in the world? And the biggest question of all – how can people …

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