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Body image

The following clips have teachers’ notes related to this topic:

‘Your body is your worst enemy’

from the feature film The Devil's Playground (PG)

Brother Francine (Arthur Dignam) berates Tom Allen (Simon Burke) for showering without his swimming trunks. In the common room, the boys relax before their daily mass.

Weighing into the argument

from the documentary Good Girls Do Swallow (PG)

Presenter Rachael Oakes-Ash recalls the dreaded day when she and her fellow schoolgirls were weighed. She interviews schoolgirls about their attitude to dieting.

‘Try the lot, no matter what the risk’

from the television program I Can Jump Puddles (G)

Alan (Adam Garnett) and his father (Tony Barry) discuss the problem Alan is having with the bully Macintyre, contemplating ways Alan can beat him. His mother (Julie Hamilton) is distressed at what is happening as …

‘Menstruation blues’

from the documentary Lowering the Tone: 45 Years of Robyn Archer (PG)

Australian singer Robyn Archer performs the song 'Menstruation Blues’. 'I explore anything that I want to’, says Archer.

‘How extraordinary we are’

from the television program Mum’s the Word – Episode 9 (PG)

A group of women speak with passion about the wonder of childbirth and the joy of having a child and how that has changed their lives.

You can ask me anything!

from the television program Winners – The Other Facts of Life (G)

Dad (Dennis Miller) tries to tell Ben (Ken Talbot) the facts of life, but Ben wants to know ,why are there starving people in the world? And the biggest question of all – how can people …

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