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Children’s birthday party

from the home movie Albion, Douglas: Children's Party (G)

This clip includes five-year-old Wally being picked up and hugged by his parents; an older man dressed as Santa Claus; children on a seesaw and playing ring-a-rosie; Wally being pushed on a swing by his …

Bush medicine

from the television program The Blainey View – Footprints (PG)

Wandjuk Marika is visiting Melbourne from his home in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. He shows Geoffrey Blainey some of the plants and leaves that Aboriginals use to keep colds and other ailments at …

Raising children during the Great Depression

from the documentary Bread and Dripping (PG)

Four women recall the hardship of raising children during a period of mass unemployment. The government provided a 'baby bundle’ consisting of poor quality clothing.

The honeymooners return

from the advertisement Bushells Tea: The Charmed Cup (PG)

This clip is part two in a three-part, serialised Bushells tea cinema advertisement. It shows the newly-married couple returning from their honeymoon on a cruise ship, proving that the tea reading in part one has …

Ininti seed

from the documentary Cool Drink and Culture (G)

Young women speak about how the old people used to show them bush tucker, dances, and how to make necklaces with ininti seeds. The young women talk about how the children now do not know …

Agricultural implement factory

from the sponsored film Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia (PG)

Various parts of the implement factory are shown: workers carry out their tasks in the sheet metal department; a hammering machine shapes steel into shape; a man dips a large wheel-shaped piece of farming equipment …

Benefits of mechanical harvesting

from the sponsored film Factory to Farm: Making Agricultural Implements in Australia (G)

A man manually harvests wheat with a scythe while women bundle up what’s left behind. This system is then contrasted with harvesting using horse-drawn Australian made machinery which is pulled through the field with …

Food rations in Cuba

from the documentary Fond Memories of Cuba (PG)

An older man in the street says socialism has ensured that the people don’t starve. Basic food is available to all citizens. No other South American country can claim this. Fidel Castro is a …

The taverna in the desert

from the television program The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia – Series 5 Episode 3 (G)

It’s the opening night of one of Australia’s most isolated restaurants. We’re at the new premises of the Greek Taverna owned by Anastasios and Maria Kiossos, known locally as Tom and Mary …

‘You have cheesemaker’s hands’

from the television program The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia – Series 5 Episode 5 (PG)

Tucked away in a beautiful valley in north-east Tasmania, is the tiny town of Pyengana where John Healy and his family have been raising dairy cattle and making cheddar cheese for over 100 years.

A new life in Australia

from the television program The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia – Series 5 Episode 6 (G)

Channa Dassanayaka is from Sri Lanka and came to Australia when his mother, who was a politician, thought that things were becoming too dangerous in Sri Lanka and sent Channa to Australia for his safety …

1930s Java

from the home movie Holidays in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Canton, Java (G)

This clip shows the planting, harvesting and cultivation of rice in Java. It features a group of Javanese children dancing and playing musical instruments, with a European woman also joining in the fun. The paddy …

Beekeeping and making honey

from the home movie Holmes, Mr WGA: Locals Cool Off at the Weir, Theodore (G)

We see thousands of bees swarming on frames. A beekeeper uses a ‘smoker’ to blow smoke onto the bees so he can remove one of the frames and brush them off calmly. He uses a …

I have seen it all

from the documentary Sammy Butcher, Out of the Shadows (G)

A teenage band put together by Sammy Butcher performs for an audience. Sammy talks about the kind of songs he and the children write together, and one song ‘Ngayulu Nyangu’ which means I have seen …

‘Little baby one’

from the documentary Warlpiri (G)

A family are looking for bush potato, a much-loved favourite. Women using tools to dig up the potato show us that it takes great effort to gather it – but, we are told, the expenditure of …

You can ask me anything!

from the television program Winners – The Other Facts of Life (G)

Dad (Dennis Miller) tries to tell Ben (Ken Talbot) the facts of life, but Ben wants to know ,why are there starving people in the world? And the biggest question of all – how can people …

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