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from the newsreel Australasian Gazette – Conversion (G)

This Australasian Gazette newsreel from approximately 1920 shows the commencement of work at Victoria Parade for the electrification of the cable tram system of Collins Street, Melbourne.

The honeymooners return

from the advertisement Bushells Tea: The Charmed Cup (PG)

This clip is part two in a three-part, serialised Bushells tea cinema advertisement. It shows the newly-married couple returning from their honeymoon on a cruise ship, proving that the tea reading in part one has …

Know your Melbourne

from the advertisement CE Miller & Co Cinema Advertisement: Know Your Melbourne (G)

This advertisement begins with shots of a number of identifiable locations and buildings in and around the heart of Melbourne’s city. An informative voice-over accompanies shots of the Yarra River, the Botanical Gardens and …

Christmas season in Melbourne

from the newsreel Christmas Hustle and Bustle: Crowds Leave for Well-deserved Holiday on 22 December (G)

This clip begins with a shot of a crowd (mostly women) gathering around suitcases on the pavement outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, just before Christmas 1928. Men are filmed loading suitcases onto the running …

City Traffic in Variable Moods

from the newsreel City Traffic in Variable Moods (G)

This is a whimsical item from a newsreel segment that shows the road and pedestrian traffic around the Flinders and Swanston St intersection in Melbourne, as well as a ride on a South Melbourne tram …

Eternity is a long time

from the documentary Eternity (G)

Arthur Stace writes the word 'Eternity’ in chalk on Sydney’s streets. Director of photography, Dion Beebe, uses black-and-white film to capture the mood and time of Sydney in the 1930s.

Official parade

from the home movie Farey: Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge (PG)

The Farey family travelled from Victoria to Sydney for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932. This home movie clip opens with a shot of the Farey family on a roadside stop on …

Footscray, 1911

from the historical Footscray 1911 (G)

This clip captures scenes of daily life in the main streets of Footscray, Melbourne, in 1910 and 1911.

Footscray street scenes

from the historical Footscray 1971 (G)

Pans and high-angle shots capture the streets, buildings, shopfronts and signs of the inner-west Melbourne suburb of Footscray in 1971. A Ferris wheel is operating in the Nicholson Street Mall and crowds gather for a …

‘Who’s Juanita Nielsen?’

from the feature film The Killing of Angel Street (PG)

After her father’s death, his friend Tom Riley (Reg Lye) tells Jessica Simmonds (Liz Alexander) that he was murdered. In the pub, he explains the similarity to the disappearance of heiress Juanita Nielsen.

Elliott and Jessica ask for trouble

from the feature film The Killing of Angel Street (PG)

Jessica (Liz Alexander) teams up with Communist union leader Elliott (John Hargreaves) to try to stop the demolition of Angel Street. Elliott provokes a reaction from Collins (Allan Bickford), the casino operator who’s behind …

Businesses and street life, Hawthorn

from the historical Living Hawthorn (G)

In a series of panning shots, the camera films the businesses, workers and daily life in Burwood Road, West Hawthorn. Businesses shown include a farrier, an estate agent, a chemist, a glassware shop and a …

Melbourne buildings

from the documentary Marvellous Melbourne: Queen City of the South (G)

Title cards are intercut with static shots of well-known Melbourne public buildings and streets including the Treasury Building, Little Collins Street, Federal Parliament House, the General Post Office, Elizabeth Street, the Exhibition Building in Carlton …


from the home movie McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Silent Car Trip Australia (G)

Two intertitles introduce this segment – ‘Ballarat’ and ‘Shell House’. The clip begins with shots of Shell House which has walls covered in murals made from shells. Identifiable images on the walls include a crest which …

Surfers Paradise

from the home movie McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Silent Car Trip Australia (G)

A Surfers Paradise title card opens this segment which includes shots of typical Queensland holiday units, hotels and motels, and swimming pools. The main streets are filled with billboards and signs, motels, cafes and pubs …

Melbourne city

from the documentary Melbourne Today (G)

This clip begins with a panoramic view from the Morehouse Tower of St Paul’s Cathedral looking south over the Yarra River to the Botanical Gardens and the War Memorial. It is followed by a …

Sydney – ‘the Empire’s second-greatest white city’

from the documentary A Nation is Built (G)

A beautifully photographed montage of Sydney’s architecture, streets, people and modes of transport that is rapidly edited to orchestrated music.

Slum clearance

from the television program Poor Man's Orange (PG)

Mumma Darcy (Anne Phelan) and her friend and neighbour Mrs Campion (Lois Ramsey), are discussing the latest drama in the relationship between Princess Margaret and her great love, the divorced Group Captain Townsend, when they …

Beginning of The Rocks

from the documentary The Rocks: Sydney, Australia (PG)

This clip uses old paintings and engravings to trace the early history of the Rocks area from its inception.

Central Square

from the historical Sydney Tramways (G)

From an elevated position above Central Square (now Railway Square) in Sydney, the camera films the bustle of the streets at rush hour where people transfer from trams to trains and suburban trams to take …

Melbourne celebrates

from the home movie Syme, Ken: Melbourne Olympic Games (G)

This clip shows both street-level and high angle views down some of Melbourne’s main streets including Swanston, Collins and Elizabeth Streets lined with flags and decorations. A string of athlete-shaped figures also festoon the …

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