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The built environment

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Safety in Northcott estate

from the documentary 900 Neighbours (PG)

Sasha is a teenager living with her mother, Charmaine, in the public housing multi-storey estate of Northcott. Charmaine says that it is safer for her daughter playing nearby because many people know her and she …

The honeymooners return

from the advertisement Bushells Tea: The Charmed Cup (PG)

This clip is part two in a three-part, serialised Bushells tea cinema advertisement. It shows the newly-married couple returning from their honeymoon on a cruise ship, proving that the tea reading in part one has …

City Traffic in Variable Moods

from the newsreel City Traffic in Variable Moods (G)

This is a whimsical item from a newsreel segment that shows the road and pedestrian traffic around the Flinders and Swanston St intersection in Melbourne, as well as a ride on a South Melbourne tram …

Save our park

from the documentary Concrete City (PG)

Pyrmont is an inner western suburb of Sydney. The City West Development Corporation has major plans to redevelop the area. The area’s heritage elements and community spirit is challenged by the rapid development. Facing …

Designing for the law

from the television program In the Mind of the Architect – Episode One: Keeping the Faith (PG)

The Commonwealth Law Courts in Melbourne, Australia were designed by the architect Paul Katsieris. As he walks from the outside to the inside of this building he explains the design elements.

‘Who’s Juanita Nielsen?’

from the feature film The Killing of Angel Street (PG)

After her father’s death, his friend Tom Riley (Reg Lye) tells Jessica Simmonds (Liz Alexander) that he was murdered. In the pub, he explains the similarity to the disappearance of heiress Juanita Nielsen.

Elliott and Jessica ask for trouble

from the feature film The Killing of Angel Street (PG)

Jessica (Liz Alexander) teams up with Communist union leader Elliott (John Hargreaves) to try to stop the demolition of Angel Street. Elliott provokes a reaction from Collins (Allan Bickford), the casino operator who’s behind …

Kings Cross at night

from the home movie McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Around Sydney with a Camera (G)

A series of neon signs flash in a dark background. A view down Darlinghurst Road is just visible, with the headlights of cars tracing a path through the darkness.

Surfers Paradise

from the home movie McKenzie, Roger and Kent, Bernie: Silent Car Trip Australia (G)

A Surfers Paradise title card opens this segment which includes shots of typical Queensland holiday units, hotels and motels, and swimming pools. The main streets are filled with billboards and signs, motels, cafes and pubs …

Park consultations

from the documentary Our Park (PG)

The Whites Creek Valley Park is under the jurisdiction of the Leichhardt Council in Sydney. The plans for the park have been in progress for 50 years. The council plans to demolish two houses and …

Always the light

from the documentary Smart's Labyrinth (PG)

Artist Jeffrey Smart takes the audience on a whimsical visit to an industrial landscape where he set a painting featuring bicycle riders. Smart asks the film’s director where he would put the figure of …

We have to live with it

from the documentary We Have To Live With It (G)

Balmain resident of 48 years Mrs Moran addresses a local crowd gathered in the streets of Balmain about the dangers of shipping containers being trucked through the main streets of their suburb. As she is …

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