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Touch the Sun – Princess Kate (c.1988)


Fourteen-year-old Kate (Justine Clarke) is on top of the world. Popular, talented, much loved and spoilt by her wealthy Sydney family, she receives a seven-metre yacht, christened Princess Kate, from her father (Alan Cassel) for her birthday. Life is perfect – until she discovers that she is adopted. Deeply upset, Kate becomes obsessed with finding the identity of her natural parents. She tracks down her birth mother, Glenys (Lorna Leslie), and without thinking, rushes recklessly into her life. This causes great distress for Glenys, whose husband Greg (Martin Sacks) and their children knew nothing of Kate’s existence.

Gradually, Kate comes to realise how important her adoptive parents are to her and a shared musical talent with her half sister May (Rebekah Elmaloglou) brings the two families together. Kate’s values change as she learns to value relationships over possessions. Princess Kate is a telemovie from the Touch the Sun series.

Curator’s notes

Written by Kristen and David Williamson, this is a sensitive portrayal of the pain and uncertainty a young girl faces when she finds out that her life is not what is seems. While the 1980s setting may appear dated, the story is timeless. It is a story of insecurity, snobbery, fear, love and hope as this young girl takes herself and two families on an emotionally painful journey to find out who she really is.