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Torque – Series 4, Episode 10 (1980)


Motoring journalist and ex-racing car driver Peter Wherrett describes what not to do when driving on the road. This includes being in a hurry, which increases stress levels, driving when tired, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He reserves a special caution for mixing alcohol and prescription drugs. There’s also a section on motorcycle safety and some tests that demonstrate the motorcyclist’s inability to stop quickly in wet weather.

Curator’s notes

Peter Wherrett is great talent. He knows cars and he can warn of the dangers of the road without sounding preachy. The program illustrates these 'don’ts’ with some fascinating off-road driving experiments to prove that driving skills are lost when any alcohol is in the bloodstream, let alone the then legal limit of 0.08 blood alcohol concentration.

I’m still unsure what 'torque’ means, even after reading the following dictionary definition: a twisting or rotating force in a mechanism producing rotation. A torque converter in a motor vehicle is a device that varies or multiplies torque, especially as part of an automatic transmission system.