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Chequerboard – Too Much For Molony (1969)


Love conquers all in this moving story about a Catholic priest who leaves his order to live outside 'the cloisters’ with one of his young parishioners.

Curator’s notes

This program was made for Chequerboard in 1969 when a man and a woman living together unmarried was still considered shocking, let alone a former priest and one of his parishioners. The program was made by a team of first timers who all went on to notable careers. Bill Steller, who had been a cameraman on the Chequerboard series until then, was a first-time director and Robin Hughes was interviewing for the first time. Robin had come to the ABC from BBC radio and, with Tom Manefield, was one of the founders of the Chequerboard series. It was also a first for Tony Wilson, one of Australia’s top documentary cinematographers.