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Sky Trackers – Is There Life On Earth? (1994)


In this eighth episode of the series, Shane (Che Broadbent), a visiting student at the Wright Foundation, is doing a project on SETI using the radio telescope. Nikki (Petra Jared) is very interested in the project and volunteers to help. Jealous, Mike (Zbych Trofimiuk) tries to get Shane to make a fool of himself, and tricks him into believing that radio signals are being sent from space. But Tony Masters (Steve Jacobs) instructs Shane and Nikki on the importance of verifying their results before they report them. Mike then excitedly thinks ‘real’ radio signals have arrived, but this time, Nikki and Shane have played a trick on him.

Curator’s notes

Overall, Sky Trackers is a mostly well realised mix of science, relationships and drama. In this episode the science story is about SETI and the compelling need by many scientists and astronomers to search for other life forms in space, and to investigate possible ways of communicating with extraterrestrial intelligences. The ups and downs of teen personal relationships is also important to the ongoing drama in the series. Shane is not a text book hero, and while Nikki’s attraction to him because of his scientific brain seems a little improbable, this situation certainly challenges the stereotype.