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The Silver Brumby – Friends of the High Country (1996)


In this, the first episode of 39 in The Silver Brumby series, Thowra (John Higginson) meets the beautiful Boon Boon (Rebecca Gibney) who is greatly taken by him. Unfortunately, she is The Brolga’s (John Stanton) daughter so the young couple know they cannot be friends. Thowra and his sidekick Storm (Doug Tremlett) discover some men tracking horses and Thowra tries to warn his gang of young colts. The stupid and jealous Arrow (Rhys Muldoon), Thowra’s older half-brother rejects his advice and leads two young colts into terrible danger.

Curator’s notes

This is a beautiful animation, the palette of lovely muted colours captures the gorgeous Australian high country bush setting. The stories and main characters are based on the classic Silver Brumby stories written by Australian literary and bush doyenne Elyne Mitchell. This first episode introduces a rich drama of ancient rivalries, a brewing leadership struggle between two strong males, budding star-crossed lovers, the hero’s foolish but dangerous sibling rival, wise advisors and treacherous spies. It promises all the epic drama that will unfold over the coming episodes.