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Seven Deadly Sins - Envy (1992)


This one-hour drama is the sad and sordid story of two people eaten up with envy for what they can’t possess. The program is book-ended with iconic shots of the life and times of President Kennedy and his wife Jackie, the couple with everything, good looks, wealth, power and beautiful children – a family to envy.

Curator’s notes

Barbara Masel who has script edited and produced some of Australia’s best television and feature films, including the award winning Look Both Ways (2005), brought this idea for a series of one-off plays to the then head of drama at the ABC, Penny Chapman, who loved the idea and suggested Bob Weis as producer. Barbara wanted a series that would 'let the moral compass spin’. She was interested in encouraging the audience to identify with behaviour they would not normally condone and 'that all of the characters in each of the episodes should manifest the sin’.

With Penny Chapman on board and Bob Weis enthusiastic, Barbara then set about finding writers. When both outlines and drafts were completed, the directors were brought on. Barbara Masel feels justly proud that PJ Hogan (Sloth) and Alison Maclean (Greed) were selected as directors before their international careers, along with Gale Edwards (Pride) who until then had only ever directed for the theatre.

The series was broadcast at 9.30pm because of the language used. In fact, the series rated well, pulling the biggest audience ever at the time for an ABC drama program in that time slot.