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Nature of Australia – A Separate Creation (1989)


This program traces the rise of the marsupial from the primeval forests of ancient Gondwanaland to their presence in Australia today, culminating in the kangaroo.

Curator’s notes

With magnificent photography and a great script, this series was several years in the making and the most expensive wildlife program ever made in Australia. This first program in the series is about the kangaroo, that unique embodiment of everything that is strange on the island continent. This marsupial, unique to Australia, began as an insect hunter in the primeval forests that once covered Gondwanaland, and became the dominant marsupial group in the flat and parched Australia of today.

This program offers intimate viewing of some very rare and unusual creatures that took months of highly specialised field camera work, producing such unique sequences as that showing the life cycle of the platypus or the equally extraordinary footage of the birth of a kangaroo.