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Raggs - Episode 32 (2005)


B Max finds a lost white rabbit and brings it home. Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B Max and Razzles are delighted to have a new pet but despite all their efforts they can’t make the little rabbit happy. When Trilby discovers a notice about a lost rabbit, the dog friends realise they have to return the rabbit to its real home. They decide it is probably much easier to dress up as rabbits than to take on the responsibility of looking after a real pet. Dumpster the cat is not impressed that they seem to have forgotten they already have a pet – him!

Curator’s notes

In this very typical episode of Raggs, the narrative theme is pets and each of the signature elements of the show focuses on this topic. It is a bright, bouncy, appealing series with lots of colour, music, movement, interesting information and humour, all of which appeals to the target preschooler audience.

The flat, bright, colourful cartoonish look of the costumes and sets in the drama segments is attractive and quite evocative of the similar look and feel of the ABC’s internationally successful Bananas in Pyjamas series. The importance of the strong music element that underpins the show also builds on two other Australian series that are internationally successful with the preschool market, Hi-5 and The Wiggles.

Raggs was first screened on the Seven Network in 2006.