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The New Adventures of Ocean Girl – Hearing The Call (1999)


Back on Oceana, after a three-year visit to Earth, Princess Neri (Marnie Reece-Wilmore), the ‘promised one’, has released her mysterious new friend Jobah from her uncle King Nemon’s (Dennis Pryor) prison and fled with him into the dreaded ‘tunnel of horrors’. Through a vision from the sacred whale, Mandrool (Marg Downey) she discovers her beloved uncle has been possessed by the evil Space Wizard Galiel (Michael Carman). Galiel is desperate to find the crystals to restore his fading powers and will allow nothing to stand in his way. Neri is in more danger when the possessed king orders the immediate capture of Neri and Jobah.

Curator’s notes

This is episode three of a 26-part children’s animation series. The story is gradually developing, and in this episode the name of the mysterious young man is finally revealed – but not his purpose for being on Oceania. This is a slow moving story, the highlights are the comic scenes with the hammy evil Elgar skilfully voiced by Marg Downey and the slapstick comedy between the evil Space Wizard’s sidekicks Elgar and Moza.