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At The Movies – Series 1 Episode 63, Wolf Creek (2005)


This week Margaret and David discuss the Australian film Wolf Creek with accompanying interviews with the director Greg McLean and actor Cassandra Magrath. There’s also a review of a documentary about the inside story of a porn phenomenon Inside Deep Throat and we learn that the horrors of the trenches are revealed in Gallipoli, a documentary made by the Turkish filmmaker Tolga Ornek which includes an interview with the director.

Curator’s notes

Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton have become icons of the Australian film review scene. They’ve worked together on television for over twenty years, first with SBS and for the last three years with the ABC. They’re an odd couple but their chemistry is perfect for television. Both are amazingly knowledgeable about the world of cinema, the craft, the stars and its history while at the same time having their own very personal take on the films they review. When they argue about how many stars a film is worth, we love them to disagree, just like any group of intelligent and absorbed filmgoers talking over a film after a screening. They remind us with their disagreements that any film can strike a personal chord with each and every one of us.