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Mother and Son – The Money (1984)


Maggie Beare (Ruth Cracknell) has been hiding her pension cheques so that the government won’t know how much money she has. Her harassed son Arthur (Garry McDonald), would love to have some of that money to buy a new car and proposes to borrow $5,000 to be repaid with interest. The problem is that his vague and deeply eccentric mother has forgotten where she hid her money.

Curator’s notes

Mother and Son is a great sitcom in the tradition of such programs. It’s a comedy played before a studio audience, about family life, in this case the story of Arthur, recently divorced, who returns to live with his elderly mother, Maggie, as her carer. She’s vague but scheming and very selfish about keeping him tied to her while Arthur still hopes for a normal life as a young man about town. Arthur’s conscience about looking after his mother usually gets the better of him while his scheming dentist brother Robert (Henri Szeps) has no qualms about leaving all the caring to his younger brother.