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Monday Conference – PNG (1971)


Robert Moore is the moderator and Donald Hogg and Richard Beckett are the interviewers of the impressive New Guinea politician John Guise, later to be knighted Sir John Guise. They’re asking him about his country’s timetable to independence and the obstacles, such as tribalism, that might slow that down.

Curator’s notes

Monday Conference is studio-based and in black-and-white. Moderator Robert (Bob) Moore had recently returned to the ABC from a Harkness Fellowship to the United States. He’d been one of the early reporters for Four Corners (2008) after having worked on the BBC’s Panorama (2008). In 1965 he became executive producer of Four Corners (2008) and one of its correspondents. He then interviewed leading Australians for the six-part series Profiles of Power (1970).

Monday Conference was modelled on the US program Meet The Press (2008). These days, the Bob Moore tradition is continued by Jenny Brockie at SBS with her very popular prime time program Insight (2008), and the ABC's Difference of Opinion (2008) with Jeff McMullen.