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Message Stick – Babinda Boulders (2005)


Young men fall victim to a waterhole that, according to Aboriginal legend, is a sacred place where the spirit of an Aboriginal woman dwells.

Curator’s notes

The local folk of Babinda – Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike – recount the incidences of young men becoming victims of the waterhole in Babinda. This is a modern ghost tale where the local Aboriginal story is disbelieved and, as a consequence, men continue to swim in the waterhole. The multitude of caverns and waterhole currents are in the area of the Yidinji people. Aboriginal people ask that the legend be respected and, perhaps, lives will be spared. This is really a story that represents the clash of beliefs, and how an ancient tale can save your life.

Presented by Rachel Maza, this is episode 15 in series 7 of Message Stick.