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Hoota and Snoz – Series 3 Episode 3 (2003)


In this episode, Hoota and Snoz discover a set of swings. In true competitive spirit, Hoota tries to swing higher and higher with predictably dire consequences.

Curator’s notes

Hoota and Snoz is a series of one-minute 3D computer-generated animations targeted at six to ten-year-olds. Each surreal episode opens with the characters, one purple and one yellow, reacting individually to a familiar prop or situation which exacerbates their ongoing rivalry (see also Hoota and Snoz – Series 3 Episode 13, 2003).

The relentless competition between the more easygoing Snoz and the perpetually wired Hoota provides the drama of each episode. Such rivalry follows the American animation tradition of characters like Tom and Jerry (debuted 1940) and Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner (debuted 1949).

Hardly the caring sharing characters usually presented to young children, the show is pitched to an older audience despite its simple, almost preschool look. Hoota and Snoz screened on ABC TV and online as well as internationally in over 100 territories.