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Four Corners – Car Wars (2006)


Australia has one of the highest rates of car theft in the western world, so investigative reporter Chris Masters, explores how this has happened by talking to all interested parties of the car industry from the smash repairers to the insurers and to the police and customs officials. The good news is that it’s Aussie ingenuity that has invented the best device to date to deter car theft, a clever piece of technology that stamps a vehicle with its identification details and simply can’t be removed.

Curator’s notes

A fascinating exploration of the world of car fanatics, some of whom are physically at risk if a car stealing gang wants their car and the owner happens to be in it at the time. As Chris Masters investigates the many different worlds of the car industry, we’re treated to a feast of visuals from this very particular subculture. There are obviously a lot of talented crooks out there working with cars. What begins to come through is the ingenuity of some of these operators. It’s a shame they’re not working to develop more legitimate mechanical skills.